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Have you found an advisor that you have a great connection with?  Add them to your favorites list for easy access to them.

How do I add to my favorites list?

Once you've found an advisor that you wish to add to your favorites list, click on the heart-shaped icon next to the advisor's profile picture until it becomes a solid color. Having a reading with an advisor also automatically adds them to your favorites list.

How do I remove an advisor from or edit my favorites list?

You can manage your favorites list by visiting Favorite Advisors. From this page, you can remove an advisor by clicking on the X to the left of the advisor's name. You can also quickly remove a specific advisor from your favorites list from their listing page by clicking the solid heart icon next to their photo.

What's the Most Recently Contacted list?

When selecting to "sort by" this list you are filtering through advisors that you have contacted in chronological order. The advisor may or may not be available at that time. There is also a Most Recently Contacted Available sort option if you only wish to see available advisors.

What's the Date Added list?

Choose this option from the "sort by" filter option to view your advisors by the date that you added them, from most recently added to oldest.

What's the Name (A to Z) list?

Choosing this option from the "sort by" drop down will allow you to filter your search results by advisors' names alphabetically.

What's the My Order list?

Choosing this option from the "sort by" drop-down allows you to manage your favorite advisors by numbering them in the order that you choose. This makes it easier to contact your advisor when calling 1-800-ASK-KEEN (1-800-275-5336) to speak to an advisor.

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