Leaving Feedback for Advisors

How can I leave feedback?

Conversations that are eligible to leave feedback are listed on the Leave Feedback page.  You can rate the chat and leave a written review.  After you complete a call, you can also rate your experience using your touch-tone keypad to give that call a rating of between 1 and 5 stars (5 stars being the highest).
If you rate a call or chat as 4 or more stars, you are eligible to endorse an advisor's strengths using 5 different qualities (Honest, Kind, Helpful, Detailed, Accurate). This is a great way to help other customers select an advisor based on how they deliver advice.

When can I leave feedback?

You may leave feedback for your reading as soon as your reading is over. You have up to 7 days to leave feedback for your reading. Written comments, endorsed strengths, or feedback left by you will be visible for 12 months. 

You can leave feedback for a specific advisor once every 24 hours from your last feedback for that advisor. If you have more than 3 conversations with the same advisor in one day that meet feedback requirements, only the first 3 conversations for that day will be available on your Feedback page.

What does each Endorsed Strength mean?

We reviewed over 2000 individual pieces of written feedback to identify the top qualities customers like yourself call out when rating conversations with advisors. From there, we surveyed customers to define the meaning of each strength. 

Honest = Advisor was being truthful and sincere with their advice.

Accurate = Advisor knew personal details that you did not share with them and/or correctly predicted how your situation would happen in the future.

Kind = Advisor was nice and polite, even if giving advice that you might not want to hear.

Helpful = Advisor was actively listening and attentive by answering specific questions you were seeking clarity on.

Detailed = Advisor provided an in-depth reading with thorough and specific feedback.


How is my feedback displayed? 

  • Star ratings left to an advisor are always included in the listing’s combined star calculation. 
  • Only star ratings submitted with written feedback will appear at the bottom of the advisor’s listing page under the corresponding user name. These are shown starting with the most recently left written feedback. 
  • Endorsed Strengths will appear at the bottom of an advisor's listing next to their highlighted feedback section. Customers will only see a total number next to each strength indicating how many times an advisor has been endorsed for a specific quality. 


Why is my reading not eligible for feedback?

  • The conversation needs to be at least four (4) paid minutes (note that promotional minutes may not count toward the minimum). 
  • For Paid Mail readings, the reading must cost at least $10.
  • You have up to 7 days to leave feedback for eligible readings.
  • Advisors are not eligible to leave feedback for other advisors 
  • You may only rate up to 1 reading per specific advisor per day. For example, if you have two or more readings with the same advisor that you would like to leave feedback for, you must space them out over as many days.
  • Only readings that you rate 4 or more stars are eligible to leave Endorsed Strengths. 


I accidentally left the wrong feedback, what do I do?

Please visit the Contact Us link from your account and send us a request explaining the change, update, or the reason as to why you would like the feedback to be removed.


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