What is Mail?

Mail is a free and confidential way to message advisors, similar to email. Your real email address is never used, so your privacy is always maintained.

Is Mail free?

Yes, Mail is completely free.

What are the different types of mail?

Keen offers Regular Mail and Paid Mail.
  • Regular Mail is for sending simple messages and attachments.
  • Paid Mail gives you the option to Send Payment to your advisor along with your question, or you can Pay to View an email sent to you by an advisor.

How do I send Mail?

Visit Mail, then select Compose, or, from your advisor's listing page, you can select the envelope icon to compose a message to that advisor specifically.

What is a Mail reading?

Some Keen advisors offer readings or answers to questions via Mail. Most will offer a price per question, feel free to ask your advisor for more information.

How can I request an email reading from my advisor?

Requesting an email reading is easy, simply write a message to your advisor requesting this service and await their reply.

How long should I wait for my advisor to reply to an email reading?

We recommend allowing your advisor adequate time to review your email and reply. Each advisor manages their own business differently.

What if I'm not satisfied with my Mail reading?

If you are unhappy with your mail reading, simply request a Satisfaction Guarantee credit within 72 hours of receiving the message.

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