What's chat?

Chat is an instant messaging feature that allows real-time conversation between you and your advisor.

How do I use it?

Keen uses your browser and does not need any special software or downloads. Simply select an advisor and click "Chat Now" to get started.

How do I find advisors to chat with?

Advisors who offer chat and are available will show a "Chat Now" button on their listing. To see only the advisors who are available to chat, toggle the "Availability" filter at the top of the list of advisors from "Any" to "Chat."

How am I billed for chats, is it the same as calls?

Yes. Chats are billed in full-minute increments.

How can I tell if my message has been read?

Each Chat message sent to an advisor will display one of three statuses at a time. These statuses are available to ensure that a message has been sent and received by your advisor. See below for an explanation of each status that may appear:

  • Sent: The message is currently on the way to your advisor.
  • Delivered: The message has now reached your advisor and is visible in their Chat screen. If you see this status, it means your advisor has not yet viewed your message and may be in another tab on their web browser or in another app on their mobile device.
  • Read: This message has now been viewed by your advisor in their Chat screen. Once the message is in this state, it will remain as Read for the entire duration of your Chat.

How can I read my previous chat transcripts?

Your chat transcripts are stored in the Chat Transcripts section of your account. They can also be viewed individually from your Transaction details page.

Are there rules and regulations for Keen Chat?

Yes, you can view the Chat Policy here.

How do I delete my chat transcripts?

Chat transcripts are automatically deleted after 18 months.
You can also delete your chat transcripts yourself by selecting "Opt-out of saving my chat transcripts" in the Chat Transcripts section of your account; this will delete all existing transcripts and opt you out of saving transcripts in the future.

What should I do if I was unsatisfied with my chat?

We want every conversation on our platform to meet your expectations. If it doesn't, we're committed to making it right for you. Simply visit our Satisfaction Guarantee, select the call or chat you would like to be credited for from the list of eligible readings and include a brief description of why the reading was unsatisfactory.

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