Listing Quality Score


Each listing is assigned a Listing Quality Score (LQS). This score determines a listing’s placement in the Best Available sort within its category. LQS is also the base metric used for the Featured Advisors sort when bidding to feature a listing. Go to Featured Listings to learn more about featuring your listings. 

To view your current listing position within the Featured Advisors sort, view the Quality Score page. 


How Listing Quality Score is measured

Different factors combine to create this ranking in order to ensure customers have the greatest opportunity for a satisfactory experience. These factors are updated daily and are measured on a rolling 90-day basis rewarding short term consistency over time. A listing’s ranking may fluctuate throughout the day based on other advisor availability.

While LQS considers a variety of factors, Keen’s proprietary algorithm prioritizes advisors in the list who are relatively stronger at driving repeat business with new customers. Retention rate of new customers to a listing within the first 7 days of speaking with you is weighted the highest when determining your listing’s ranking. Below are the six factors that contribute to the Listing Quality Score (LQS) of each listing:

  • Quality of Service: Measuring quality relies on customer experience/sentiment, provided directly through customer feedback, and indirectly through customer action.
  • Business Performance: Measuring business performance includes the total time you spend delivering services to your customers, with revenue contributed to the platform as an additional measure.
  • Ease of Doing Business: Ease of doing business refers to how reliably and easily customers can connect with you when initiating a session. This metric is measured by how often you miss conversations or prematurely end sessions with your customers. 
  • Retention Rate: Retention rate is the frequency at which your new customers speak with you more than once. View helpful tips that may improve your LQS by encouraging customers to speak with you again quickly.
  • New Bonds Established: New bonds refers to the raw count of new customers (new to you or new to Keen) who spoke with you in the previous 90 days. A percentile rank is shared to illustrate how this listing compares to other active listings on the platform. 
  • Active Repeat Bonds: Active repeat bonds is a customer loyalty metric that refers to the number of returning customers (users that you have spoken with at some time in the past) who spoke with you again in the previous 90 days. A percentile rank is shared to illustrate how this listing compares to other active listings on the platform. 

Your LQS is calculated daily and covers activity over a rolling 90-day period. 


Default sorts for customers

There are two main sorts on either the homepage or category pages when a customer browses advisors on Keen: Best Available (LQS) and Featured Advisors (LQS plus bidding). Customers land on different sorts when viewing Keen based on tenure.

New-to-Keen customers are shown the Best Available sort first. Since new customers come to Keen with an introductory promotion, advisors opted into promos will be highlighted as the default view for customers until their new offer has been fully redeemed. Returning Keen customers are shown the Featured Advisors sort first. 

Regardless of what sort shows up first for a customer, other sorts and filters can be utilized by any customer looking for an advisor to speak with. Some of the most popular filters customers use to find an advisor to speak with are price, star rating, and conversation type (Call or Chat).

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