Listing Quality Score

By now you've probably heard about your Listing Quality Score, or LQS as we often refer to it.

Each listing is assigned a Listing Quality Score (LQS). This score determines a listing’s placement in the Best Available sort within its category. To view your current listing position within the Best Available sort, view the Quality Score page. 

Your retention rate is what determines your LQS score. 


How is your LQS score calculated? 

This metric is based on a proprietary algorithm created by Keen that influences both rank position and cost to bid in Featured Listings

Your score’s retention rate is updated on a rolling 90-day period with higher weight given to the prior 7 days and is measured based on how other advisors are also performing on the platform. Your score is updated daily and can fluctuate based on recent activity. 

This algorithm does not take into consideration calls and chats with customers who are new to Keen and using an introductory promotion. 


How can you improve your LQS? 

The primary indicator that a customer has a great experience with Keen is their frequency of transacting on the platform, in particular with a given advisor. Taking care of your customers by sending follow-up notes or free minutes to encourage them to speak with you again can help drive repeat usage, thus improving the Retention Rate.

Check out the Follow up with your customers article for tips on how to follow up with your customers after a reading.


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