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Customers often share with us that they come to Keen and speak with a psychic advisor to help guide them through a difficult life decision or situation. In speaking with their advisors, they share personal details that even close friends and family don’t often know about them. Because of the personal nature of these conversations, it’s important that we take a moment after each conversation and thank the customer for their time and openness for the reading. Below are a few tips to help you give a personalized touch:


Send a detailed follow-up message 

One way to show that you care is by sending a personalized Mail or Ping message after a conversation. You'll want to send your follow-up within the first few hours of a conversation while the reading is still fresh in your mind. By adding in a detail that was specific to their reading, you're more likely to catch a customer's attention and hear from them again.


Thank customers who leave you positive feedback

Often, your best customers are the ones willing to share feedback with you on what they enjoyed about their reading. Keep an eye on the feedback you receive each day and send a thank you note to those who took the time to share their experience with you and other prospective customers. Feedback can play a big role in growing a business so read your feedback carefully and see what you can learn from it in order to give the best experience possible to your customers. 


Write something personal 

In your follow-up message to your customer, maintain a personal tone by using their names and names of anyone they mentioned in their reading that was important to them and any other dates or notes that you think will help guide them on their journey. Be sure to let the customers know that you’re there for them and when they can find you on Keen. 


Invite customers to follow up with you

A great way to show a customer that you’re there for them is to invite them to speak with you again to give you an update. You can do this by sharing your schedule with the customer and letting them know when they can find you online or scheduling a specific date in the future that you hope to speak with them again. Customers who return to speak with the same advisor within a week are often the most loyal to the advisor. That’s why we recommend you schedule a date to speak again within a few days of your first conversation while things are fresh. You may even want to send a free minute or two to sweeten the deal. 


Checklist Summary

check-mark-2025986_1280.png Send a personalized message to each customer soon after their reading with you
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Use your personal URL and buttons to turn your followers into your customers
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