Smart Customer Lists

Smart Customer Lists are automatically generated lists that make it easy for advisors to target specific customers for sending follow-ups through Mail. These pre-segmented lists make outreach easier by allowing advisors to target customers at critical points in their lifecycle.

Sprouting Customers is the first Smart Customer List available to advisors. Keep reading to learn more about how to use this list. 

Please note that Sprouting Customers List may only be used for sending free minute offers using Offer Mail.

How Sprouting Customers List works

Sprouting Customers is an automatically curated list that helps you send targeted offers to customers you spoke to for the first time last month. There is no need to add customers to this list, the system will check and update the list each day to save you time. As a general rule, Sprouting Customers List may only be used to send a free minute offer using Offer Mail.

Sprouting Customers are customers who had their first paid conversation with you one month ago. They qualify to be in the Sprouting Customer list for the entire second month as your new customer. This date range is important because customers who have readings in their second month on Keen have a higher chance of becoming repeat customers and developing a long term connection with an advisor. 

Each morning around 7AM (PST), our system scans your customer base and adds any newly eligible customers. 

Customers will be removed automatically from your Sprouting Customers if any of the below criteria are met:

  • You have blocked the customer account or they have blocked your account
  • The customer’s Keen account was deleted or is no longer active on the site
  • You have already sent Offer Mail with free minutes to all eligible customers on the list for the day
  • The customer has already had a second paid conversation with you in their second month as your new customer
  • The customer you spoke with is also an advisor on Keen

Free minutes sent to customers using Offer Mail will automatically expire after 14 days. Customers who do not have a paid transaction with you before the offer expiration date will be added back to your Sprouting Customers List until all other eligibility criteria is no longer met. 


How to send free minutes with Sprouting Customers List 

  1. Access the Sprouting Customers List to view eligible customers on the list from your My Keen page. Go to My Keen and scroll to the Marketing Center. Select ‘Send offer to Sprouting Customers (learn more)’ 
  2. The Compose screen in Mail will appear pre-populated with Sprouting Customers in the To section and Offer selected as the Type of Mail. Click ‘View eligible customers’ to see who will receive your offer. If there are 0 eligible customers available on the list, Send and Preview buttons will be disabled on the screen. 
  3. Select the number of free minutes you would like to send and which listing you would like to link customers to in the message text. The main photo of the listing selected here will appear in the Offer Mail with your message. Customers can still redeem free minutes offered on any of your active listings.
  4. You may edit the text of the Offer Mail template to a maximum of 9000 characters. We recommend limiting characters to avoid overwhelming customers. Please note that the subject line cannot be changed.
  5. Before sending, select Preview to see how your Offer Mail will appear to customers.
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