Mail is Keen's secure messaging system that allows advisors to communicate with their customers, like you would with e-mail, safely through the Keen website. Customers will see Mail messages in their Keen inbox and, if opted-in, will receive notifications to their e-mail address when they have new Mail ready to view.  

How to send Mail

Advisors are able to send Mail to an individual customer or to a specific group using your Customer Lists

To access and send Mail from My Keen, scroll to the section labeled Mail on the right side of your screen. Select Send Mail to open up the Compose tab in your browser. You'll be prompted to select the Type of Mail you want to send to your customer. 

For a shortcut, select the bell icon in the top left corner of your screen and select Mail to open your inbox from anywhere on the website. 

Types of Mail

There are different types of Mail you can send to customers, each for specific actions. 

  • Regular Mail is for sending basic messages and attachments when following up with customers between readings. Current customers of yours may also initiate or respond with these type of Mail messages.
  • Offer Mail allows you to send your customers a free minute offer to redeem on their next conversation with you.
  • Payment Request Mail allows you to request a specific amount for payment from a customer before providing them with a reading over Mail. If the customer accepts your request, the money will automatically be transferred from his or her account into yours.
  • Pay-to-View Mail allows you to send a reading or responses to a customer's questions with a paywall requiring the customer to pay the price you indicate before they can view the content of your message. Your customer won't be able to view the message unless they pay you the fee you're requesting.
  • Appointment Mail allows you to suggest that the customer requests an appointment to speak with you at a mutually convenient date and time.

Send last Chat message through Mail

There may be times when a Chat session ends with a customer before you are able to send a message you have already typed out. Advisors can choose to send the last Chat response as a Mail message directly from the Chat screen.

To send your last typed Chat message through Mail:

  • Select Send as Mail? in the highlighted chat field to automatically open up a new Mail tab in your web browser. The customer's name and the last message typed will appear pre-filled in the Mail message for you. 
  • Select the Type of Mail you would like to send. For example, you may select Pay-to-View in order to require payment before the customer can read your last response.
  • Add any custom Subject line you would like for the Mail and select Send.

This option is available for one hour following the end of a Chat session.


Set up Auto-Reply

Advisors can set up an auto-reply message to respond automatically to customers if they plan to be Offline for an extended period of time or during peak times on Keen. Auto-replies ensures that your loyal customers looking to speak with you are able to receive a personal message updating them on when you will be available again. Auto-replies can be set individually for statuses (Taking Calls, Arrange Calls, Offline) within your Availability Manager. 

Examples of what you may include in an Auto-Reply message:

  • What dates you'll be away
  • How long you won't be answering Mail
  • How soon you'll be able to get back to the person who wrote to you 


To add an Auto-Reply message:
  • Go to Availability Manager on My Keen and select Details
  • On the Details tab, select the status you would like to enable an Auto-Reply for. Scroll to Info and select Edit. Check the box Auto-reply to every Mail message I receive while in this status. Make sure to select Save before leaving this page. Repeat this step for all statuses you want automatic replies enabled for.
  • Select the Options tab to add your message. You may only have one typed reply to be used for all statuses with Auto-Reply messages enabled.
  • Type your custom message in the box provided
  • Click Save to use this customer message for automatic replies


To turn off Auto-Reply messages, simply uncheck the box under each status previously enabled to submit automatic replies.


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