Mail is Keen's secure messaging system that allows advisors to communicate with their customers, like you would with email, safely through the Keen website. Customers will see Mail messages in their Keen inbox and if opted-in, will receive notifications to their e-mail address when they have new Mail ready to view.  


How to Send Mail

Advisors can send Mail to an individual customer or to a specific group using your Customer Lists. Keep in mind that the amount of customers you send mail to is limited to less than 100. You may send mail to more than 100+ customers at one time. However, please keep in mind advisors usually experience issues with sending mail to more than 100+ customers at a time.

On the web

To access and send Mail from the Advisor Dashboard, scroll down to the Mail widget located on the right side of the screen under the Action Center. You can also access your mailbox by selecting the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen and selecting Mail to open your inbox from anywhere on the website. 

Mail can also be sent through the My Customers page by selecting the box next to the customer(s)’s username or clicking on the customer details of a specific user and then clicking the Send Emai button Each Mail you send to customers will show your call button and current availability status so customers can quickly and easily call you when reading your mail. We have also added a rich text editor to allow you to easily customize your mail messages with HTML enhancements too.

On the Advisor App

Currently, Mail capabilities are limited on the Advisor App. At this time, offer mail can only be sent from the App through the My Customers page.

How to view Sent Mail

In the  Sent Mail section, you can view all of the Mail that you recently sent, including paid and unpaid mail.

Types of Mail

There are different types of Mail you can send to customers, each for specific actions. 

  • Regular Mail is like sending a regular email to your customer, free of charge. Use this to send updates to your schedule to your customers or to follow up on readings cut short.
  • Suggest Appointment Mail allows you to suggest that the customer request an appointment to speak with you at a mutually convenient date and time.
  • Offer Mail is used to send Free Minutes to your customers. For more information on sending free minutes to your customers, please visit our Offer Mail page. 

Mail Payments

Keen also offers 3 types of Mail that can be sent to receive payment. Each functions differently and should be used for different purposes. 

Send Payment Mail 

Sending Payment Mail allows anyone to send a payment to an advisor along with a message. As soon as the mail is sent, the money is automatically transferred from the sender's account to the recipient's account. Customers can use this type of mail to send their advisor’s bonuses too. 

Payment Request

Payment Requests let you request payment from a customer for the amount of money you specify. If the customer accepts your request, the money will be automatically transferred from his or her account into yours. Sending Payment Requests would be best if you’re selling content customized for one individual. For example, any custom reports, email reading, or story, where you need information from the customer in order to complete your product.

Pay-to-View Mail

Pay-to-View Mail lets you write a message, and attach a file that will not be viewable until the customer agrees to pay the price you set. It's like an online version of the C.O.D. (Cash-On-Delivery) packages that merchants use to ensure payment for the goods they send. Sending Pay-to-View Mail would be best if you’re offering something that you would like to make available as-is to an audience. For example stories, monthly newsletters, user's only areas, and photos.

Payment Mail Buttons

Payment Mail Buttons let you create an HTML button for each type of payment mail and then market it. When customers click on your "Buy Now" Mail Button, they will automatically receive your Payment Request or Pay-to-View Mail (depending on the button type) and can immediately respond with payment, without you taking any action. Payment and fulfillment are automatically handled, too. These buttons can be an effective tool for your business and enable you to easily sell services to new and existing customers. 

Send Last Chat message through Mail

There may be times when a Chat session ends with a customer before you can send a message you have already typed out. Advisors can choose to send the last Chat response as a Mail message directly from the Chat screen.

To send your last typed Chat message through Mail:

  • Select Send as Mail? in the highlighted chat field to automatically open up a new Mail tab in your web browser. The customer's name and the last message typed will appear automatically filled in the Mail message for you. 
  • Select the Type of Mail you would like to send. For example, you may select Pay-to-View in order to require payment before the customer can read your last response.
  • Add any custom Subject line you would like for the Mail and select Send.

This option is available for only one hour following the end of a Chat session.

Set up Auto-Reply

Advisors can set up an auto-reply message to respond automatically to customers who send you a mail message. This is a great tool to use if you plan to be Offline for an extended period, like if you’ll be out of town on vacation. Auto-replies can be set individually for each availability status within your Availability Manager. 

To add an Auto-Reply message:

  1. Go to Availability Manager on My Keen and select Details.
  2. On the Details tab, select the status you would like to enable an Auto-Reply for.
  3. Scroll to Info and select Edit.
  4. Check the box Auto-reply to every Mail message I receive while in this status.
  5. Select Save before leaving this page.
  6. Repeat this step for all statuses you want automatic replies enabled.
  7. Select the Options tab to add your message. You may only have one typed reply to be used for all statuses with Auto-Reply messages enabled.
  8. Type your custom message in the box provided.
  9. Click Save to use this customer message for automatic replies. 
  10. To turn off Auto-Reply messages, simply uncheck the box under each status previously enabled to submit automatic replies.
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