Offer Mail

Advisors can send Free Minutes or Offer Mail to customers they’ve already spoken to encourage them to come back for another conversation. Free minutes are a great marketing tool to help build long-lasting customer relationships. Despite customer confusion, free minutes are not meant to provide a customer with a free reading but to incentivize them to speak with you again. They’re also a great way to apologize for any technical issues that may arise during your reading. 


How free minutes work

Offer Mail is a type of Mail on Keen that advisors use to send free minutes to their existing customers. Advisors can send up to a set of five free minutes in each Offer Mail message sent to a customer. Free minute offers automatically expire after 14 days.  

Free minute offers are redeemable only by the customers you send them to and may be used for any of your active listings. Free minutes are redeemed by the customer in the order they are received. If you send multiple sets of free minutes, the oldest set will be used first. Customers have the option to use the full set of free minutes in one session or spread them out over multiple conversations until fully redeemed. For instance, if you send a customer 5 free minutes, they can use 3 minutes for one reading and 2 minutes for another. If you send multiple sets of minutes to a customer, keep in mind that only 1 set of free minutes can be used for a reading at a time.

You may send a maximum of 30 Offer Mail messages per month containing free minutes to a single customer. Please note this limit applies to the number of Offer Mail sent and not the number of free minutes sent to the same customer.  Just like sending Regular Mail, please keep in mind advisors usually experience issues with sending Offer Mail to more than 100+ customers at a time.


How to Send Offer Mail

There are multiple ways to send Offer Mail to customers on Keen. See below for the different ways to reach your customers with free minutes. 


Using Your Mail Box

To view and send Offer Mail:

  1. Select Details next to Mail located on the right-hand side of your My Keen page
  2. Select the Compose tab of Mail and select Offer under Type of Mail 
  3. In the To field, enter in a specific customer username or Customer List you want to reach
  4. Choose the amount of minutes you would like to send from 1-5 
  5. Enter in a message up to 9000 characters to send with the offer. The subject line cannot be edited.
  6. Choose the listing you would like to link customers receiving your offer to. The main photo of the listing you select will appear in the message to your customers. Mail attachments are disabled when sending Offer Mail.
  7. Select Preview to see how your offer will appear to customers and Send once you are ready.

Using Customer Lists 

Your curated Customer Lists allow you to send follow-up messages such as Offer Mail to specific customer lists of your choosing. 


To send free minute offers using Customer Lists:

  1. Select My Customers on the My Keen page under the Marketing Center
  2. Select which Customer List that you would like to send an offer to from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the top box next to the column that says Customer in order to choose all of the customers within the list. 
  4. Select Send Offer to open the Compose tab of Offer Mail to send free minutes to the list


Using Smart Lists

You can send offers to customers within automatically generated Smart Customer Lists. View the article for specific instructions related to sending free minute offers to your Sprouting Customer List. 


Using Action Center

The Action Center is located on the right-hand side of your My Keen page and is designed to help you keep track of important actions to nurture your customers. Click Send Offers for a shortcut to send Offer Mail. 


Using the Keen Advisor App

While the Keen Advisor App does not have all of the features of Mail like the website version, there is an option available to send free minute offers directly to your customers. 


To send free minute offers using the Keen Advisor App:

  1. Visit Profile, click Transactions History, and select a session with the customer you'd like to send minutes to open the Transaction Details page. 
  2. Select Send Free Minutes and the offer amount you’d like to send from the dropdown menu.
  3. Add a personal message to send with the offer and select Send.

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