Listing Video Guidelines

You can now upload video introductions to both new and old listings. Each of your listings can have a video introduction that will be played for any visitors to your listings. 

Adding a video introduction is a big value-add to your listing. Our research shows that customers who watch advisor intro videos are 25% more likely to connect with that advisor.

Video introductions must include:

  1. Your name (advisor name)
  2. Your specialty 
  3. Years on Keen/years of experience
  4. Style of reading

Do not include:

  1. References to other platforms, including social media
  2. Music (or other audio) in the background
  3. Extreme filters and special effects

Please review the Photo and Video Policy.

Video file type and size requirements

Videos should be between 20 and 60 seconds long and in portrait format and the recommended file size is 700 megabytes (MB). If your file is much larger, you may want to decrease the video quality to be able to upload the video. Additionally, if you're trying to upload a large video file on poor internet connection, you may run into some errors. 

  • Video files will be transcoded to optimize their size and appearance in Keen’s video placements.  

The following video formats are allowed:

  • webm (preferred format)
  • mp4
  • mp3
  • h264
  • wmv
  • wav
  • avi
  • flv
  • mov
  • mkv
  • ogg
  • MKV

Video tips

  • Video files will be transcoded to optimize their size and appearance in Keen’s video placements.
  • Make sure your video does not include call-to-action elements that encourage clicking (e.g., a button shape that says “learn more”). Clicking on the video player will play or restart the video with sound enabled.
  • Lighting: Outdoors or a room with natural light is best, especially when it lights not just you or your background but both.
  • Background: Film yourself in front of an uncluttered but visually interesting space. This could be outdoors, or in a well-decorated room. If you opt for indoors, please center yourself against a wall as opposed to in a corner.
  • Audio: If you record your video outdoors, just make sure it’s not too windy and try to keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Shooting: Rather than handheld footage which can be shaky, consider using a tripod if you’ve got one (or just lean your phone up against something eye-level).
  • Framing: Portrait orientation is required, trying not to leave “dead space” on screen. From the chest up is ideal.
  • Duration: What’s most important is that you don’t feel “rushed” – while also looking to keep your video under 20-60 seconds. Some ways to help are writing down your talking points ahead of time (though it’s better to speak naturally than read from a script verbatim), rehearse a few times to avoid dead air and fillers, and keep it to the essentials of why customers should read with you. 
  • Be Your Authentic Self! Look right into that camera lens just as you would connect with a customer, smile, and have fun. There may be numerous people that watch your video, but it will only be one at a time – just talk directly to them, from the heart.


If you’re wondering what to say in your video, here’s a sample script:

“Hi, I’m [your display name as it appears to customers]. I’ve been a(n) [Advisor title, e.g. Astrologer, Love Psychic, etc.] at Keen for [years at Keen] specializing in [types of readings/common questions you are skilled at answering/Keen sitemap categories in your area of expertise]. I am [style of reading/guidance; e.g., direct vs. gentle], so you will come away from our session feeling/with [the unique benefit you offer to your customers]. [Anything else you want your customers to know about you]. I look forward to connecting with you!”

Here is a sample video created by fellow advisor, Matt Allen. 

How to add videos to your listings

To add a video to your listing, simply visit the listings page, select “edit” next to your listing, and below your listing photo you’ll see an option to add your video. You can either pre-record and upload a video or choose to record your video from this page. 

An advisor can upload up to 4 unique videos to their accounts. If you have more than four unique listings, then  you can re-use a video on those listings.

Please note that all videos must be reviewed and approved by Keen before displaying on your listing. 

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