Earnings Calculation

How do I calculate how much I made during each conversation?

First, subtract the platform fee from the rate you're charging per minute (see below for more information about international rates for the platform fee). You keep 49% of the total, and we keep the rest. Note: We keep 51% of the fees you collect for all paid services (including Paid Mail and bonuses).
  • Calculation example:
    • If your per-minute fee is $2.00 and you receive a call that lasts 10 minutes, first we'll collect $20 from the customer who called you. Then we'll deduct the 40 cents per minute platform fee for those 10 minutes, or $4.00. You'll receive 49% of the remaining $16.00, or $7.84 for that call.


How does Keen calculate international rates for platform fees?

When you create a listing, you can set any per-minute price you want, as long as it isn't lower than our minimum listing price. If a user wants to talk to you from outside the U.S., we'll add international long-distance fees to the rate he or she sees for your listing.

If you live in the U.S. our platform fee is 40 cents per minute for calls. If you live anywhere else, it costs more. Here's a list of country codes and our per-minute international phone rates. Please note that if you are an advisor outside of the US your platform fee will correspond with the international rate listed next to your country rather than the $0.20 fee paid by U.S.-based advisors.

  • Calculation example:
    • If both you and the customer live in the U.S., the $0.40 per minute connection fee is split between you (ie: $0.20 from the customer’s end and $0.20 from your end.) If you are in the US and the customer is international you will still contribute $0.20 on your end, but the customer's connection fee will be different. (ie: if your customer is calling you from Germany, which has a $0.40 connection fee and your usual rate is $2.00 per minute for U.S. customers, the rate that customer will pay is $2.20 per minute to cover the additional cost of connecting. You will still make the same amount of commission on these calls even though the per minute rate paid by the customer will be higher.)



** Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change at any time.



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