Daily Earnings Tracker

The Daily Earnings tracker was developed to help you refine, control, and expand your business. It gives you insights into your net earnings each day so that you can better understand your business performance. It resets every day at midnight PST. Commission and platform fees have been removed from net earnings but not featured listings or express pay fees.


In addition to displaying your daily net earnings, this tool will allow you to set a daily goal for yourself and will also track your progress towards that target. It will make it easier for you to reach your daily earnings goals and have longer, more frequent connections with customers.


A daily goal can be set by clicking on the "Set Goal" link. A field will open up where you can input whatever amount you want to set as your daily goal. Simply click the "Set Goal" button to save that goal and the tracker will show progress towards the goal throughout the day as your daily earnings increase.


The daily goal will appear day over day unless you choose to adjust or remove it. It resets at midnight PST along with your daily earnings.


Once you have set a daily goal, you can adjust it at any time by clicking the "Adjust Goal" link. If you no longer want to have a daily goal set, simply enter the amount of $0 when adjusting and hit "Set Goal".


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