Receiving a Bonus

What is a Bonus?

A Bonus is an added payment option that you may make available to your customers. The default setting disables this feature for each of your listings. You may easily enable it for some or all of your listings by following the instructions below.

How do I enable the Pay a Bonus feature for my listing?

You will find the Pay a Bonus feature for each of your listings on the "Edit Your Listing" page. Follow these steps to enable this feature for each of your listings:

  • Select the listing and click the "edit" link.
  • Check the box located under "Name Your Price" for each listing.
  • Click "OK" to turn the feature on.
  • On the "Confirm Your Listing" page you should now see the Bonus icon in the left navigation (underneath your Call Button, Send Mail, and other icons).
  • Make sure you click the "Submit My Listing" button to activate the feature.

How do I turn the Pay a Bonus feature off for each listing?

The default setting disables this feature for each of your listings. To turn it off for a listing that you have enabled previously: return to the "Edit Your Listing" page for that particular listing; uncheck the box located under "Name Your Price"; click "Ok"; and then "Submit" again.

What are the commissions associated with using this feature?

Normal Mail commissions apply.

How does this feature work for customers? When will customers be able to Pay a Bonus?

Customers will be able to use this optional feature after paid call and mail transactions and directly from their Transaction Details page or Keen Mail. If a customer leaves a 1 or 2-star rating for a paid call or mail, they will not be shown this feature.

If I enable the feature, are my customers required to Pay a Bonus after calls and mails?

No. Leaving a Bonus is always optional and customers have the ability to skip this step.

What options will be presented to customers when leaving a Bonus?

If the customer is leaving a Bonus that is associated with a paid call or paid mail, they'll have the option to pay the following:

  • Enter an amount (minimum amount is $.10 and the maximum amount is $999)
  • 10% (of the transaction amount)
  • 15%
  • 20%

If the customer is leaving a Bonus from your expanded listing page, they'll only have the option to enter an amount. In any scenario, they'll also be able to send a personal message that is visible only to you.

Where can I view Bonus transactions?

They can be viewed in 2 places: your Mail inbox and transaction details pages.

Why do they appear in my Mail inbox?

A Bonus is sent on behalf of the customer as a payment mail, hence appearing in your Mail inbox. Customers are able to view any Bonus they've sent in their Sent Mail folder and transactions details pages.


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