If you don't have one already, you should consider adding a picture to your listings; a photo is a friendly touch that encourages potential customers to call you.

How do I add my photo to my listings?

You can easily upload your photo to both new and old listings at any time. From the My Listings section on My Account, click on either the Create a Listing or Edit Listing page. Then click "Add a Photo." You can find the image file on your computer by clicking "Browse" or you may select a photo you previously uploaded to your listing. Photos must be in JPG, GIF or BMP format, no larger than 400KB, and square (e.g. 95 pixels x 95 pixels), so that they'll display properly throughout the site. We strongly recommend that you use a headshot, which is generally easier to view.

Why is 95 x 95 pixels the preferred size?

The 95 x 95-pixel size is the largest image size that Keen uses both on the site as well as to power landing pages and listings on partner sites. It has been shown that when images are displayed properly (such as when a 95 x 95 square image is used as opposed to a smaller and/or rectangular image) listings enjoy a higher click-through, which can lead to increased conversions - which means more new customers for you.

Is there a specific kind of photo I should upload?

You should consider the different options open to you:

  • Using an actual picture of yourself has long been shown to establish a deeper and more productive connection to your customer.
  • Using a picture of someone else can be viewed as disingenuous and put off customers from calling you.
  • Using a picture of anything other than your face (such as a picture of your artwork) risks preventing any connection at all.

In any case, whatever picture you choose to use, only use one that clear (and not blurry) and that you have permission to use!


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