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You can upload photos to both new and old listings at any time. Each of your listings can have up to three photos displayed at once including your primary listing photo at the top of your page, as well as photos in your Background and Approach to Topics sections. 

While other photos throughout your listing are encouraged, your primary or main listing photo is required and must be a clear image of yourself or it will not be accepted. For tips on taking and choosing the best photos to attract more customers to your listing pages, view Pick the Perfect Listing Photos

How to add photos to listings

For the best results, images should be uploaded via a computer web browser as uploading using a mobile web browser on your phone or tablet may cause them to display sideways. Images uploaded should be stored directly to your device and not in a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Uploading from these types of services can also cause your photo to be displayed incorrectly. 

To edit photos or add new ones, go to My Keen and select Details in the My Listings section or go to My Listings directly. From there, click on Create a Listing or select Edit Listing next to the listing you would like to update a photo for. 

Select Upload to add a photo for the first time or Change to update to a new photo. Add images from your computer or select one of the existing photos previously uploaded to your account. 

Image file type and size requirements

Photos must be in JPG, GIF or BMP format, no larger than 400KB, and square (e.g. 95 pixels x 95 pixels), so that they'll display properly throughout the site. 

The 95 x 95-pixel size is the largest image size supported by the Keen website. Any images on your listing pages should be properly sized to fill the entire circle of the allowable space in order to display properly. This helps your listing appear more professional to customers viewing our sorts. Listings with photos that do not fit properly or that are not clear may be declined.


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