Affiliate Program FAQ

How does the Keen Affiliate Program work?

It's very simple. You start by filling out our Keen Affiliate Program application. Then you just copy and paste HTML code onto your website in order to display links to Keen. These links contain a unique identifying code that will credit you for every user who registers as a User for the first time, is over 18 years old, adds a valid payment method, and places at least one paid conversation to another User through the Keen Site. (We make the first conversation easy by offering new users their first conversation free!) Our third party vendor, Impact Radius, will track each registered Keen user who comes from your site, as well as those users who make or receive two calls. Impact Radius will then calculate your commission and provide you with real-time reporting and monthly commission checks.

Becoming an Affiliate

Why should I sign up?

There are a number of benefits to joining the Keen Affiliate Program:

  • Enhance Your Content and Build Loyalty. Give your users something new that they'll keep coming back for by providing them with a convenient and private way to get live, personalized advice over their telephones.
  • Get More Revenue From Your Site. Joining our program is free, and you'll earn $100 for every new Keen user you refer who makes or takes one paid call. You can make even more money by becoming an advisor yourself, and getting paid for answering Keen Calls.
  • Connect Your Users to Any Topic, Category or Listing. Connecting to the category or topic most relevant to your users, or featuring your own advisor listings, will help you make a live, personal connection with your website's users.
  • Reliable Third-Party Tracking. Keen has partnered with Impact Radius to provide you with trusted third-party tracking, customized reporting and monthly commission checks with a $25 minimum payout.
  • Sales Tips. Keen provides you with great profit-enhancing tips like new site features, special promotions and other events through our quarterly affiliate newsletter.

Is my site eligible to be part of the Keen Affiliate Program?

Most websites qualify to participate in the program. Please refer to our Affiliate Agreement for full details. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site's membership at any time.

What if I operate more than one site?

Sign them all up! You can have multiple sites under one affiliate account and create separate links for each of them. You can even generate separate reports for each site. You'll receive a single monthly check combining the commissions earned on all your sites.

Can I join the Keen Affiliate Program if I operate my website outside the United States?

Yes, but note that you will be paid in U.S Dollars, and that international connection rates apply for calls made from outside the U.S. or Canada.

Can I join the Keen Affiliate Program if my site isn't live yet?

No. Your website must be live so we can review it when we get your application.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. You pay absolutely nothing to join the Keen Affiliate Program.

Tracking and Payment

How much does Keen pay me in referral fees?

We pay you a $100 referral fee for each new customer who registers as a User for the first time, is over 18 years old, adds a valid payment method, and places at least one paid conversation to another User through the Keen Site.

How does Keen know how much traffic is coming from my site?

Your links will contain a unique tag that represents your site. When a visitor uses one of your links to browse Keen, the tag is stored and, when that visitor makes a paid call, passed to the referral payment database. Impact Radius, a neutral third party, will handle all user tracking and will calculate all your bounty payments.

How do I check how many users have registered from my site?

Go right to Impact Radius's site to check out the records of everyone who has come through your link and made a paid call, and to see how much you've earned. You can track this information for a time period of your choosing so you can monitor, evaluate and improve your Keen placements. You can also view the number of registered users that have linked from your site but haven't yet made a paid call. Those users have an unlimited amount of time to make a paid call.

When do I start earning commissions?

As soon as your links are up and the first user links to Keen from your site and makes a paid call.

Can I use my own link to register myself for Keen?

Yes. We encourage you to use your links to register yourself on Keen.

Will I get paid for click-throughs to Keen?

No. We only pay referral fees to Affiliates.

Questions About Linking

How do I link to Keen?

Once you sign up for the Keen Affiliate Program, you'll be given special URLs that allow you to link to different areas of our site, including the homepage, or specific categories and topics. You can even make money by placing a Keen search box or pull-down menu on your own site.

How many links can I have to Keen?

You can have as many links to Keen as you want. There are several pages to choose from. The only requirement is that you set up the links using the URLs we give you when you sign up.

When are my links "activated"?

You will be part of the Keen Affiliate Program the moment you finish registering and agreeing to our Affiliate Agreement. For as long as you are an affiliate, whenever someone registers with Keen after linking from your site and makes a paid call, you'll earn a $100 bounty.


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