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Last Updated: 12/10/2020

Keen is a trusted network of talented spiritual advisors with over 20 years of experience connecting advice seekers with trustworthy guides. Whether you’re here to seek clarity or just looking for someone to talk to, we’re glad you have chosen our platform to help you on your path. 

As part of our commitment at Keen, we are dedicated to ensuring that our platform remains safe and engaging for everyone. That's why we’ve created this article to supplement the Keen User Agreement and its corresponding policies. Our goal is to provide a snapshot of key policy highlights in an effort to make it easier to understand our expectations and keep everyone safe. Above any one specific policy, it’s important that everyone on Keen be treated with respect.

There are some instances in which our team may reach out to give a friendly reminder about conduct on Keen. Other times, we must take more serious action depending on the situation. It's important that you feel knowledgeable and clear on some of our most basic rules.

If you’d like more insight into where the below guidelines came from, check out the Keen User Agreement and its subsections: Privacy Policy, User Services Rules Policy, Refund Policy, Payment Policy, Feedback Policy, Photo Policy, Chat Policy, Anti-Spam  Policy, Sexually-Oriented Content Policy and Forum Policy


Guidelines for Seekers of Advice

  • You must be 18 to use Keen.

  • Only one person can use an account. Please don’t ever share accounts or payment methods.

  • Please don’t shout or swear at your advisors. We all have a bad day now and again but abusive behavior cannot be tolerated.

  • Be respectful of our Customer Support team. They’re here to help you and will always do their best to find a solution to your inquiry.

  • Advisors cannot answer medical questions or predict medical outcomes. This includes questions about pregnancy. 

  • Keep in mind that advisors cannot answer questions that would normally require a licensed attorney, or any other questions that could have serious legal implications. If you have questions about a situation with serious legal implications, please call law enforcement or an attorney. 

  • Also, advisors can’t tell you what the winning lotto numbers are. 

  • Please don’t harass your advisors. There may be a variety of reasons for why you are unable to connect with them. Along with this, if an advisor chooses to block you, please respect their wishes. A block occurs when another user permanently prevents you from contacting them. It often is nothing personal when this happens.

  • Be mindful of the feedback you post. Other users can see your comments and they mean a great deal to your advisors. Please try to put yourself in their shoes before writing a review. Please note that feedback violating our Feedback Policy will be removed.

  • Keen is not a place for you to seek out adult conversations.

  • One thing our advisors have in common is empathy. As much as they want to help, if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are at-risk, please know that there are more appropriate resources available. We are here for you but also want you to receive the most appropriate help for whatever you are going through.

About Play Fair

Play Fair's role on Keen is to address policy issues related to our User Agreement. Our goal is to foster a safe community by educating users about our policies and addressing issues related to them when needed. Our team cares greatly about our community and we endeavor to take an empathetic approach to the issues we address. We want Keen to remain a safe and respectful space for everyone. We encourage users, whether they're on Keen to seek advice or to provide it, to reach out whenever they have questions or concerns related to safety issues or our policies in general. The best way to contact us is through our Customer Support Form.

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