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It's true what they say: a picture is worth a thousand...readings! One of the key attributes of listings that customers are looking for when selecting an advisor to speak with is the quality of their photos. 

When surveyed, customers note that images of real people come off as more approachable, professional and trustworthy. Customers want to feel like they can connect to the person on the other end of their Call or Chat. Since Keen is not a video platform, customers turn to listing photos to get a glimpse at the advisor. 

We've put together tips on how to make your listing stand out by selecting the best photos for your listing.


Show your best self in your main photo

You want to make sure your primary listing photo at the top of your page is a clear and inviting image of yourself that includes your face as the main focal point. Allow your face to fill up 60% of the space in your main photo. A general rule of thumb is to crop just below your shoulders and just above your head for the perfect headshot proportions.

Cartoon filters may be fun on your social media, but on Keen they make your listing look unprofessional causing customers to doubt your expertise. To avoid this, leave out any Snapchat-like filters and select a headshot that shows the real you. We understand you may want to use other more discreet filters which is totally up to you. The image you choose should make others feel like you are easy to talk to. You're more likely to find customers are willing to open up to you when they feel a connection at first glance of your listing.

Remember, your photo is a way to humanize yourself with customers and create a positive association with your advisor brand right away. We've included a section at the end of this article with tips on how to capture great photos of yourself.


Leave out any group photos

Whether for your main listing photo or if adding more photos within your listing, group images can be confusing for customers trying to connect with you. Leave no room for doubt about who you are by being the only person in your photo. This makes it easy for customers to identify who the advisor is they are speaking with. Cropping a group photo isn't a great option either, as someone might see a random arm or shoulder within the frame. Keep photos solo in order to show your most professional self. 


Switch out your main photo periodically

If you're not reaching as many customers as you'd like you can try switching out your primary listing photo. When customers open up Keen, they usually are looking at our main sorts. With hundreds of advisors to scroll through, customers' eyes get used to seeing the same images over and over again. Our eyes are trained to skip over familiar things when looking to try something new. One way to grab a customer's attention who may have skipped your listing in the past is to try changing up your main photo every now and then. You should still adhere to the tips above for your image criteria, but feel free to rotate through a few images you feel confidently represent you.


Add more photos

Your listing will look complete and interesting with additional photos next to your Background and Approach to Topics sections. While it's certainly fine to add more photos of yourself here - the best listings will incorporate other images that provide a glimpse into your style or the tools you use to give readings. As a best practice, never use the same photo multiple times in your listing and make sure any images you post are not copyrighted.

If you use Tarot Cards to give readings then you could show a picture next to your Approach to Topics of your cards spread out, as an example. Not only will this help customers visualize how you do readings but, by showcasing your tools, you also give more credit to your expertise.

Don't use tools? There are plenty of other ways to give a glimpse into your personal style or your personality. For example, if you are intrigued by a specific animal that connects you to Spirit you can add photos of the animal. 

Get creative - the point of having more photos in your listing is to allow a glimpse into you as a guide to the customers looking for someone to open up to. You'll find the best fit by being authentically yourself!


Capture a great photo of yourself

Now that you know the importance of a great photo of yourself as your main listing image, you might want an updated photo that you'll feel confident showing to Keen's customers. While professional headshots are great, this may be out of reach due to cost or time constraints and that's okay! Here's a couple of tips to capture high quality photos and make a great first impression: 

  • Ask a friend. We all know someone who loves Instagram. Connect with a friend or family member who can help you take a photo and capture your best look. 
  • Use a timer cam. Don't want to involve other people? Grab your phone and select the timer option in your camera to give you a countdown while you pose for a photo. You'll need something such as books to prop your phone up to get the best angle. This may take a few tries, but stick with it! You never want to use selfies, either using a front-facing camera or a mirror, as this comes off unprofessional. 
  • Simplify your surroundings. Make sure the focus of the photo is on you by selecting a background or environment that isn't busy and distracting. 
  • Look approachable. While we don't want to tell you to smile, we know that any photos that make an advisor appear too brooding or that allow them to be perceived as angry will turn off potential customers. Be true to yourself, but don't look unapproachable. 
  • Find the light. Natural light will show your best self. Try snapping photos when the sun is out and near windows if you're inside. Make sure your back is not to the light - you want the light hitting your face for the photo.
  • Add a soft filter. Okay so we know we said no filters earlier but we meant no cartoon filters. Adding in a pre-made filter that brightens your image or gives more contrast where you want it is an easy way to enhance a photo of yourself. Typically you can find these filters right in the edit tool of your phone's photo album when viewing a specific photo.


Checklist Summary

check-mark-2025986_1280.png Select an image of your real self as your primary listing photo 
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Create more interest with additional listing photos that tell more about you and your readings 
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Switch out your primary listing photo when experiencing low call volume



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