Play with your pricing

Adjusting your pricing is a great way to attract customers to your listings. By trying different per minute pricing, you can hone in on what works best for you as you run your business on Keen. For advisors who are new to the site, we recommend starting at a lower price to start building up your reviews and ratings. 

How you price your services is always up to your own discretion, but we've compiled a few ideas other advisors have implemented to get more customers on Keen.  


Differentiate your prices for Multiple Listings

You can create multiple listings to boost your visibility - you're allowed one listing per category. It's important to make sure your offerings fit each category you join and that you write your listing in a way that speaks to your qualifications for giving advice on the topic. Once you have multiple listings, you can try different pricing on your listings to see which is getting more traction. If you are in a smaller category with less advisors, you may even be able to charge a bit more than you would in a popular category if your listing is still new. 


Offer "Sale Days"

If you're experiencing low call volume on specific days you can try offering "sale days" by lowering your pricing for specific days or hours that both your returning customers and new customers will like. While there is currently no feature built into Keen that allows you to market sale days, you can send a Mail to specific customers using your Customer Lists and let them know about your upcoming price per minute changes. You can choose to offer a sale time at the same time each week or month so customers come to expect it. Another approach is to catch customer's attention by sending an announcement of an upcoming lower price 24 hours before to create urgency.

Don't be afraid to experiment

This tip may be the most obvious but experimenting with different price points will inevitably help you understand what works for your business. Don't be afraid to update your pricing to fit your needs. You can always change your pricing again.


Checklist Summary

check-mark-2025986_1280.png Create listings in each of the categories that you specialize in and try out different pricing for each
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Try implementing sales during times you frequently experience low call volume
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Don't be afraid to adjust your pricing to see what works best for your business





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