Ping (for Advisors)

What is Ping?

Ping is the newest way to solidify bonds and build authentic loyalty between users and advisors. You can connect instantly wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient for you!

How do I send a Ping?

To send a Ping to a client you’ve never sent one to before, go to your “My Customers” page. Select the username, then click on “Send Ping” on the right side of the screen.

How do I read a Ping?

Ping has an inbox like our existing Mail feature. Compared to Mail, you’ll only see one row per User and any new message that is sent, gets added to the existing thread of past messages already sent. Once you click on the message, you can scroll up to see previously sent or received messages.

Is Ping Free?

Yes, Ping is free. However, both the User and Advisor must be opted in to receiving SMS messages to use the feature.

How long will it take to receive a reply using Ping?

With Ping, you’ll receive a SMS notification including a link to return to your Ping inbox. So there’s no need to wait online for a response.

Can I send a Ping to anyone?

You can only send a Ping to a client you’ve already had a paid transaction with.

How many messages can I send?

You can send up to 3 messages with a 300-character limit. After your messages are sent, you’ll need to wait for a response before more messages can be sent.

Can I send photos through Ping?

No, currently that is not an option, but you can send a Mail message to your advisor with an attachment.

Why would I choose Mail vs Ping?

Ping is a direct messaging feature that allows SMS notifications. It allows quick, one-on-one communication. Ping is not intended for detailed conversations. With the Mail feature, you can use this for more in-depth communications, including the ability to send payments, request payments, initiate Pay-to-View mail, suggest appointments, and send offers like free minutes. Learn more about the Mail feature.


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