Appointments and Arranged Calls

Keen now offers two settings for managing availability to connect with customers, Appointments and Arranged Call Backs. Advisors can view their Arranged Call queue and Appointments on the Arrange Conversations widget on the Advisor Dashboard or on the Arranged Conversations page.  

Enabling Arranged Call Backs and Appointments is done through the settings in the Availability Manager. Please remember to check the settings for each availability status (Offline, Taking Calls, Arrange Calls), as updating one does not update all! 

If you have both settings enabled, customers will see a smaller button to request an Appointment. When you are ready to accept Arranged Calls and Appointments, simply set your availability status to “Online.”


Arrange Calls


Arrange Calls allows customers to wait in line to speak with an Advisor. By default, Arranged Calls give customers a “willing to wait” time of 24 hours, though this can be updated up to 1 full month. The willing-to-wait time holds the customer’s place in line until you’re able to speak with them. Customers may drop off your queue if their wait time expires or they cancel their request. 


When you’re ready to take your calls in queue, simply go into the Online availability status. Your first customer in line will automatically be notified that you’re ready for them and initiate a call. During this process, you’ll see your availability status update to Busy. If you have several calls in queue, the next calls in line will automatically initiate when you’re done with the previous customer.



When customers request an appointment with an Advisor, it's similar to scheduling with a therapist or doctor. Please note that having a Schedule is required to opt into Appointments.



Through Appointments, customers schedule a call back at a specific date and time. The available appointment times shown are based on your Schedule settings, so please make sure to keep your Schedule updated if you want to receive appointments! 


Customers can make an appointment as soon as 24 hours and as far out as 3 weeks. Once a request has been made, we’ll notify you via email. Regardless of how soon or late the appointment is, when an appointment has been requested, Advisors have 12 hours to confirm or deny the appointment before it’s marked as expired. Once accepted, or declined, we’ll send a follow-up email to the customer too. If the appointment is in the future, we’ll send reminder emails to you and the customer as the appointments near. If the requested time doesn’t work for you, you can send the customer Keen Mail to suggest another time. At this time, appointment rescheduling can only be done on the customer’s end. 


Please note that it is up to you as an Advisor to make sure you are available for the appointment. Your status will automatically change to “Busy” 5 minutes before a scheduled appointment. This means, watching the clock and ending the call if you’re on another reading right before your Schedule.


Here’s some helpful verbiage you can use to end a reading to take your appointment:


1. "I've enjoyed our time together, and I want to ensure you get the most out of our sessions. As I have another commitment approaching, how about we wrap up for now? To show my appreciation for our conversation, I'd like to offer you an extra [X amount] of free minutes for our next call. We can use them to explore any additional insights or questions you may have. How does that sound?"


2. "Thank you for the meaningful conversation. Unfortunately, I have another appointment soon. As a token of my appreciation for your time, I'd like to offer you an additional [X amount] of free minutes for our next call. Feel free to use them to delve into any specific areas or questions you'd like to explore further. What do you think?"


3. "I value our connection, and I want to make sure you feel supported. Since I have another commitment shortly, how about we conclude for now? To express my gratitude, I'd like to offer you [X amount] of free minutes for our next call. We can use them to address any remaining questions or insights you seek. Does that work for you?"


4. "Our conversation has been insightful, and I appreciate your trust in my guidance. Due to a scheduled appointment, we need to end our call. However, I'd like to offer you an extra [X amount] of free minutes for our next call. Feel free to use them to continue on any specific topics you'd like to explore further."


5. "I'm grateful for our time together, and I want to make sure you leave our session with valuable insights. As I have another commitment coming up, how about we wrap up for now? To show my appreciation, I'd like to gift you an additional [X amount] of free minutes for our next call. We can use them to pick up where we left off. Does that suit you?"


Feel free to tailor these suggestions to match your communication style and the dynamics of your interactions with customers on Keen. The goal is to express appreciation, explain the situation, and provide an immediate incentive for the customer to continue the conversation during their next reading.



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