Customers commonly contact Customer Service to inquire about the availability of their favorite advisors and advisors they hope to try. Our team – and any customer on – is only able to confirm whether or not an advisor is currently online/offline/busy. This new feature will hopefully help:

  • Customers gain transparency on their favorite or prospective advisors' usual availability so that they can plan to make themselves available accordingly
  • Advisors gain more business as customers align their schedules to connect with their desired advisor
  • Our Customer Service team provide a valuable and improved customer experience
  • Increase connections overall

Our new Schedule feature allows advisors to opt-in/out of automatically syncing their availability with their set schedule. It also gives advisors the choice to display their schedule on their listing. Please watch the demo below for more information:

Note: Only Call availability can be automatically set using the Schedule feature

Even if you don't intend on using the Schedule feature to automate your availability settings, we hope that many of you will consider updating your schedule to display it on your listing for your loyal and prospective customers! We hope this feature will improve your business and your connections with your customers.


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