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Taking chats is a great way to build and maintain your business on Keen. Customers report choosing chat for more privacy or as an easy way to speak with an advisor when they need clarity quickly. With over half of new customers choosing chat to connect with advisors on Keen, you'll want to feel confident with your chat readings to keep these new customers coming back. We've put together some best practices to ensure you are set up for successful chats with your customers.


Be Hospitable

Greet your customer when they enter into a chat conversation so that they feel welcome. Some advisors keep a pre-typed welcome message handy to use with new customers in order to save time with typing. You may want to include any information here that you need from a customer, such as their birthday or name of their person of interest, in order to give them the best reading using your gift.

Consider the mood of the customer on the other end of your chat. Ask them how they are feeling in order to gauge if they can handle direct information or if they may need you to deliver the news more delicately. 

At the end of a chat session, invite your customer back to speak with you again letting them know you are here for them. It's a small gesture that can be forgotten, but key to making a customer feel comfortable knowing that you care. Don't worry if you forget to add this at the end of a chat or if the customer ends the chat before you send the message - you can always follow up in a personalized Mail later. 


Segment Messages

When on a phone call it's easy to fill in the gaps of a conversation so that it flows as you're connecting to your tool or channel. On the flip side, it's easy to forget to reassure your customer on the line through text-based messaging, but you should always prioritize consistent communication. Once the customer asks their question, respond right away to let them know you are tapping in. If you are using a tool, let the customer know what you are doing. For example, as you prepare for a tarot reading let the customer know when you are shuffling the cards. 

It's always best to segment your responses versus sending over one long paragraph. You don't want to leave your customer waiting too long in between messages. Try sending a sentence or two at a time so your customer can start interpreting your reading. 


Use Voice-to-Text for Faster Messaging

You don't have to be the fastest at typing to offer chat. We offer a voice-to-text option to translate your speech into words on your screen. You can use this feature on the web when using the Google Chrome browser. When offering chat from your mobile device, voice-to-text works best from the Keen Advisor App. 


Take Notes

Use the notes section on the right side of the chat to add details from your current reading or to review details from the previous reading you had with this customer if they are returning to you. By taking notes you'll be able to follow up to send a personalized Mail inviting your customer back to speak with you. Returning customers will feel valued if you can pick up where you left off for future conversations so keep notes easy to read and understand. 


Checklist Summary

check-mark-2025986_1280.png Start chats by greeting your customer and end by inviting them back
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Write shorter, more frequent responses to keep your customer engaged
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Try Voice-to-Text to give faster responses 
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Take notes to provide personalized follow-ups to returning customers
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