Sending Free Minutes To Your Customers

How do Offers work for existing customers?

Offers are a great way to encourage your existing customers to call again. Enter their user name, or click on Customer Lists to select individual customers or entire lists of your customers. You can also give your customers Free Minutes as an added incentive to call. Free Minutes Offers is essentially a coupon that you can use to entice customers to call you. We encourage you to send Free Minute Offers to existing customers after every call to keep them coming back.

If I send out a Free Minutes Offer, could a customer use it over and over again?

No. A Free Minutes Offer can only be used once. 

Do Free Minutes ever expire?

Yes. The customer has 14 days to redeem your offer. If the customer doesn't redeem within that time frame, the minutes will expire.

Do Free Minutes sent through Offers apply to all of my listings?

When you send a customer Free Minutes, those Free Minutes can be redeemed for any one of your listings

Will the customer see my email address?

No. The customer will only see your user name.

Can I send Free Minutes from the app?

Absolutely! Visit Profile, click Transaction History, and select the customer you'd like to send minutes to. Once on the transaction details page, you'll see a “Send Free Minutes” button.


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