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Chat on Keen is an instant messaging interface similar to other live communication applications used across the Internet. It allows real-time conversation between two Keen users. Once a Chat has been initiated, either user can enter text, which will then appear on the other user's monitor.

Are there rules and regulations related to using Chat on Keen?

Yes. Please review the Chat Policy.

Are the payment policies different for Chat?

No. The rates for Chat are the same as for Calls. Learn more about the Payment Policy.

What are the technical requirements for Chat?

Keen uses your browser and does not need any special software or downloads. Your browser (and any toolbars you may have enabled) must always allow pop-ups from Keen.com. Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer v7 or higher; Firefox v2.5 or higher; Safari v5.0 or higher and Google Chrome v40.0 or higher.

Will Chat be compatible with dictation software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

While we are not testing chat with dictation software and cannot offer any guarantees of compatibility, if your dictation software works well with your browser of choice, it should function with Keen chat, as our chat operates entirely within the website.

Can customers leave feedback for Chat sessions?

Yes. For more information on how the rating system works, please visit this article on Feedback

Can I use Chat to communicate with customers in other languages?

Keen’s Chat system supports all languages as long as both you and the customer have the appropriate language packs installed on your computers.

Can I initiate Chats with one of my customers?

No. Sorry, only customers can initiate Chat sessions.

Can advisors initiate Chats with other advisors?

Yes. If an advisor wants to initiate a paid Chat with another advisor they're able to do so.

Is Chat on Keen compatible with SMS, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, ICQ, etc.?

No. Chat on Keen is a proprietary system that's fully integrated with your Keen account and preserves the privacy of both the advisor and the customer. Therefore, it is not compatible with other instant messenger networks or client applications.

Are advisors required to offer Chat on Keen?

No. Advisors are able to offer Chat at their discretion. Learn more about managing your availability for Chat on Keen in the Availability Manager.

Can customers get free minutes from Keen for Chat sessions?

Yes. Any new customer is eligible to redeem their introductory offer via Call or Chat. 

What about free minutes sent by advisors to customers using Offer Mail?

Customers can use free minutes sent using Offer Mail for Chat or Call sessions. Customers can only use those minutes once regardless of which service they choose to consume them.


Receiving Chat Requests

You'll be alerted in real-time when there is an incoming Chat request. The alert should appear on your screen automatically and will be accompanied by an audible sound. 

The details about the customer initiating the session will be presented on the Call/Chat monitor. Click Accept to start chatting with your customer.

If you click Decline when a request to chat appears, you will remain logged in to chat and the customer will be notified that you are no longer available.

If you do not respond to a Chat request within 60 seconds, it will automatically decline the session and log you out of Chat. 

For information on receiving and answering Chat requests using the Keen Advisor App, please view the Notifications article in our Advisor Mobile App section within the Help Center.  


Chat Status Indicators

Each Chat message sent to a customer will display one of three statuses at a time. These statuses are available to ensure that a message has been sent and received by your customer. See below for an explanation of each status that may appear:


The message is currently on the way to your customer. 


The message has now reached your customer and is visible in their Chat screen. If you see this status, it means your customer has not yet viewed your message and may be in another tab on their web browser or in another app on their mobile device. 


This message has now been viewed by your customer in their Chat screen. Once the message is in this state, it will remain as Read for the entire duration of your Chat.


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