Advisor Payments

How do I get paid?

Keen deposits the amount generated during each conversation to your account balance. Once your balance hits the minimum deposit amount ($25), you can either have the money electronically sent to your bank account via Direct Deposit, or by check.

Keen requires at least $25 to be available in the account balance (the minimum direct deposit payout amount is $20 and there is a $5 minimum balance required in your account at all times) to withdraw funds. Please note that due to Keen's payment processing system, transactions that occur between 11PM-12AM Pacific Time may display on the following day’s transactions (even if that transaction ends before 12 AM). For example: if a transaction begins at 11:45 PM Pacific Time on January 1st and ends after 12:01 AM Pacific Time on January 2nd, the earnings for this transaction may roll over to the second day.


Only funds that are earned during live call or chat, paid mail readings, or bonuses from customers are eligible for withdrawal. Funds which are added from a payment method or any promotional funds will also not be paid out. For any edits to your payment information, payout preferences, or your minimum deposit amount, visit the Edit Direct Deposit page. 


Using Direct Deposit

Only advisors with a USD-receiving bank account are eligible to receive payments using Direct Deposit. It takes up to 7 business days after withdrawal for these funds to appear in your bank account. Please note that payments are not processed on weekends or bank holidays, and you will generally receive payments from these days on the next business day. 


You can add a new bank account by visiting the Edit Direct Deposit page.  After the form has been submitted, we will review your application for accuracy and to ensure we're able to provide Direct Deposit to you. This process typically takes about 10 business days (or two weeks). Direct Deposit payments will begin the period your application is approved. If your application remains outstanding at the end of the period, we'll mail you a paper check, and you will receive your payment via direct deposit on the next pay cycle. If it has been more than 10 business days and the account has not been approved, please contact our Customer Support team. 


There are 2 direct deposit payment options: Semi-Monthly Direct Deposit and Express Pay ™.


Semi-Monthly Direct Deposit

  • Provided free of charge. 
  • On the 1st and 16th of the month (or the next business day after these dates), funds are withdrawn from your Keen account balance (as long as you have the minimum balance of $25). 
  • Payments are then processed to your bank account within 7 business days after they are withdrawn from your Keen account balance. See example calendar below

Express Pay ™

  • There is a 1% fee for this service, which will be deducted from your eligible earnings when the funds transfer is initiated.
  • Each business day (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays), funds are withdrawn from your Keen account balance (as long as you have the minimum balance of $25).
  • payments are then processed to your bank account within 7 business days after they are withdrawn from your Keen account balance. See example calendar below.


Why does the payment process take up to 7 business days?


The process takes a few steps: 

  1. We'll illustrate the payment process using a starting day of Monday as an example, though payments can be processed on any business day. On Monday morning Keen will debit all funds that are eligible to be paid (which includes all funds you earned until 11:30PM Pacific Time Sunday). 
  2. Keen sends these funds to your bank by Thursday. 
  3. Funds debited from your account on Tuesday will be sent to your bank by Friday.
  4. This process is repeated every business day (example calendar below). Exactly when your funds will arrive in your bank account depends on your bank. Typically, advisors see the funds in their bank account 7 business days after they are debited from your account.




Requesting a Check

  • If you do not have a USD receiving bank account or do not wish to receive your earnings via Direct Deposit, you can request to have a check mailed to you. You must have at least $25 in your account balance for a check to be processed. 
  • Check payments are withdrawn on the 1st business day of the month and mailed to the address on file within 7 business days after the 1st business day of the month. Generally advisors receive their check between the 15th and 21st of every month, depending on where you live.
  • Currently, there is no charge for requesting a check. However, we reserve the right to charge $2.00 for each time we process a paper check.


You may change your minimum deposit amount or address at any time by visiting the Request Check page. As long as the box next to "Request Check" has been selected by 11:30PM Pacific Time, you'll automatically be paid for your eligible earnings. You can request a check at any time during the month, even if you have yet to earn enough to be paid. 


International Advisors

If you do not live in the US, you are still able to receive payment by requesting a check to be mailed to you or in some cases, you may be able to set up direct deposit in other ways. You can open an account with a bank that offers US dollar accounts. In Canada for example, we have done some research for you and have learned that CIBC, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, and the Bank of Montreal all offer US dollar banking solutions. We suggest checking with your current bank to learn if they are also able to provide a service; otherwise, you may contact one of the above banks if you live in Canada. To obtain direct deposit through Keen your bank account must have a US Routing number (which is exactly 9 digits) and a corresponding account number. We cannot guarantee that the banks listed above are able to provide you with an account that we are able to pay to; please inform your bank why you need this account and the information we require before you open an account. Once you've confirmed that you have an account with the aforementioned routing and account number, please visit the Edit Direct Deposit page. 


As a final option, you can also open a USD bank account. Before you make the trip, we strongly suggest you contact the bank you are considering opening an account with to ensure they are able to assist you. 




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