How do I review my balance and recent transactions?

How do I review details around my transactions?

You may review your account transactions at any time by visiting the Transaction Details page. Here are some helpful tips for understanding how this information is displayed.

What is my Account Balance?

Your “Account Balance,” located at the top of the home page indicates how much money you currently have available on your account. Because Keen is a prepaid service, you need to add funds to your balance before contacting an advisor. If you have unused funds that you deposited left over at the end of your conversation, you are welcome to contact Customer Support for a refund.

What does "Balance Used" mean?

This represents the funds applied to your reading from your Available Balance.

Is every line on the Transaction Details page a charge?

When your payment method is charged to add funds before or during your call (not including Seamless Pay), you will see a new line with a positive amount.



Conversations with your Keen Advisor will show as a separate line with a negative amount. This means the amount deducted for the conversation came from your deposited balance and does not mean that an additional charge was made for that amount.


You may also see conversations with a Seamless_pay_icon.pngsymbol. This means the conversation used Seamless Pay and you can click “See Details” on that line to review any additional charges made to your payment method.


What is Seamless Pay?

You can learn more about this feature in the Seamless Pay article. 

What does it look like when I redeem or use an Offer?

A line will always be included to show when you redeem an offer. The example below shows both the deposit made to redeem the offer and the credit that was applied. If you have received a credit, that promotional balance will be used first on your next conversation.





What does Offer Time mean?

Offer Time refers to any promotional minutes or free minutes from advisors used on a reading.

What does "Pay a bonus now" mean?

A bonus is an added payment (like a tip) paid to the advisor on your behalf. Bonuses are optional and are deducted from your account balance. Please not that bonuses are only available for call readings.

Why doesn't the start time and end time equal the total time?

This can happen when your reading pauses to allow you to add funds and continue, our system does not charge you for the time you are not speaking with your advisor.

What does "Balance used" mean?

This represents the funds applied to your reading from your Available Balance.

How long does it take to receive a credit card or PayPal refund?

Refunds may take up to 5 business days to be processed by  the financial institution

What if the charges on my statement don’t match my Transaction Details on Keen?

Select "See Details" next to any conversation to view a breakdown of your charges. Your conversation might have used Seamless Pay, and the authorization of 10 minutes of the advisor rate may not have settled out to the correct amount yet. It is also possible that a charge was not able to go through. If you have reviewed the details of your billing on the Keen website and still have questions, please contact us and we will happily review your account. If you are accessing Keen from a region other than the United States you may also need to convert the currency to US dollars from what you are seeing on your bank statement. 


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