Seamless Pay

What's the main difference between Seamless Pay and Prepay?

Adding funds before a reading or adding a specific amount in order to continue a reading when your funds have run out, is called Prepay. This is the easiest way to track what you spend.
If you prefer not to be interrupted during your reading, you can choose Seamless Pay (option #1 on the phone or the Pay After Chat option) to continue your reading. Seamless Pay bills you in the background so you can stay engaged with your advisor until your reading is complete.

How am I billed?

Seamless Pay keeps you in your conversation without interruptions by charging your card at the end of your call or chat. Keen uses temporary authorizations, which typically amount to 10 minutes the advisor's rate, to confirm your payment method is valid.

How do I use Seamless Pay/Pay After Chat on a call or chat?

When you have used the funds in your account balance, the system will give you the option to continue uninterrupted with Seamless Pay. You will be reminded of the advisor's per minute rate, which is displayed on the page before the reading begins.

How do I know which payment method I used and how I was billed on a reading?

You can review past transactions on your Transaction Details page on your account. Click the "See Details" button next to the reading. The billing details will show the Balance Used (if applicable), and the refund for any unused minutes.

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