How much is Keen's platform fee outside of the United States?

Keen charges a platform fee which is automatically included in the price per minute you see on the advisor’s listing. The platform fee varies by your location and will be determined by the country code of the phone number on your account. If you do not have an account or do not have a phone number added to your account, the default price you will see is for customers in the United States. 

If you're in the United States, the platform fee is $0.20 per minute. If you are outside of the United States, please see the chart below for your country’s platform fee. For example, if you are located in Canada and view the listing for an advisor who charges $1.99 per minute, the rate per minute you will see will be $2.27 which includes the $0.28 platform fee.  Please keep in mind that all prices on the site display in USD.


Country Code Country International Platform Fees (in US dollars)
61 Australia $0.95
43 Austria $0.40
973 Bahrain $1.10
32 Belgium $0.55
1 Canada $0.28
56 Chile $1.20
599 Curacao $1.00
45 Denmark $0.40
358 Finland $0.66
33 France $0.40
49 Germany $0.40
354 Iceland $0.45
91 India $0.99
353 Ireland $0.40
39 Italy $0.40
81 Japan $0.40
352 Luxembourg $0.40
52 Mexico $0.45
31 Netherlands $0.40
64 New Zealand $0.40
47 Norway $0.40
1 Puerto Rico $0.30
27 South Africa $1.12
46 Sweden $0.40
886 Taiwan $0.40
1 U.S. Virgin Islands $0.30
44 UK (Cellular) $0.60
971 United Arab Emirates $0.80
44 United Kingdom  $0.35
1 United States of America $0.20

*Amounts used in examples are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change at any time without notice.


Why is my country not listed?

If you do not see your country on the list, we apologize that Keen is not available in your country at this time.


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