What is Seamless Pay?

What is Seamless Pay?

Our Seamless Pay billing option allows you to continue your conversation uninterrupted. During the conversation, Keen will send authorizations to your payment method at 10 minutes of the advisor’s per minute rate and only  charge your payment method for any minutes you spoke with your advisor. You may see multiple charges on your payment method if your conversation continues for longer than 10 minutes. 

Why does Keen authorize your payment method?

Keen uses temporary authorizations, to confirm your payment method is valid.You will be charged for the minutes you actually use. 

Why was I overcharged?

Keen places authorization holds in 10-minute increments during your conversation. Any unused holds will be released back to your payment method immediately after your conversation has ended, however, it may take up to 5 days for your bank statement to reflect the final charges.

Why was I charged in 3 minute increments rather than 10 minutes?

If Keen cannot successfully authorize your payment method for 10 minutes of the advisor’s rate, we will try to authorize your payment method for 3 minutes instead. If successful, we will continue to authorize and charge your payment method until the conversation ends. 

How do I opt-in to Seamless Pay on a call or chat?

Any time that you are prompted to add funds (prior to starting your call or chat, or during),  the system will give you the option to continue uninterrupted with Seamless Pay. 

Through the phone system, you can opt in to Seamless Pay by selecting “option 1.” During a chat reading, you can select the Seamless Pay tab, where you will be reminded of the advisor's per minute rate. 

How do I know which payment method I used and how I was billed on a reading?

You can review your past charges or conversation history on the Transaction Details page. To see more details about your Seamless Pay charges, select “See Details.” 

Do I need to use Seamless Pay?

No, any time that you are prompted to add funds (prior to starting your call or chat, or during), you can choose to add a specific amount to your balance instead. Please note that any unused funds will continue to stay on your Keen account to use on future readings.



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