How do I deactivate, delete, close, or cancel my account?

Keen is not a subscription service and does not charge any membership fees so there is no need for you to deactivate your account. If you do not wish to be charged, you simply do not need to use your account as Keen is a pay as you go service.

When you close your account, any deposited funds still available in your balance will be automatically refunded, and any promotional credit on your account will be voided (and will not be reinstated if you reopen your account later).

If you still wish to close your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Support Form
  2. Select "Account Management" following the "I have a question about" prompt
  3. Select "Close account" following the "Regarding" prompt
  4. Follow the directions until you receive the confirmation that your account has been successfully closed. 


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