Keen Rewards

Meet Keen Rewards, our way of thanking you for your continued loyalty.

How It Works

Earn Points

$ spent = points

Earn points for dollars you spend on a call or chat with an advisor.

Level Up

Level Up Your Tier

Each tier comes with unique benefits! Easily accrue points by connecting with our advisors.

Unlock Rewards

Unlock New Rewards

Each time you reach a new tier, gain access to exclusive Keen benefits and rewards.


Get more for your money by earning rewards points — starting with your first purchase.*

Ways To Earn Points

  • Connect with a new-to-you advisor - only $6.99/min. and over|300

  • Get a 2nd reading with an advisor - only $6.99/min. and over|300

  • Sign in to the Keen App|150
  • Sign up for push and text notifications|150
  • Get first chat reading|100
  • Get first call reading|100
  • Share your birthday|50
As your points grow, get more from your membership.

The Benefits

  Discover Awaken Clarity
Earn points for dollars spent 0 - 199 200 - 2,499 2,500+

Unlock Keen Offers

As you earn points, you'll unlock Keen credits for your next reading.

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Birthday gift

You deserve a gift on your birthday. (Opt-in)

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Anniversary gift

You will receive an annual points bonus, celebrating another year as a Keen Rewards member. Check your rewards account to redeem your points for Keen credit.

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Exclusive access to contests and giveaways

You'll receive exclusive access to contests and giveaways.

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Only 1 Session Fee per day

Exclusive limited time perk only available to Clarity Members.


Annual discounted reading(s)

Unlock a discounted reading once a year.




per year

We're not finished – keep an eye out for MORE exciting rewards. COMING SOON!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Keen Rewards?
    • Keen Rewards is our free rewards program. You earn points for dollars you spend on a call or chat with your advisor, downloading our app, and more. Points are used to unlock bigger and better rewards.
  • How do I know what tier I'm in?
    • Your tier is based on how many points you've earned by having paid chats or calls with your advisors in the previous calendar year. Discover Tier is a great time to get to know more about Keen via our app or by trying new services. Remember, it may take a few tries to find the right advisor for you. To reach a higher tier, keep engaging with one or more of our incredible advisors! Check your tier here.
  • Does my tier status reset annually?
    • Yes, your tier will reset each January 1st. Your new tier will be based on how many points you've earned by having paid calls or chats in the previous calendar year.
  • Do all points I earn count toward my tier status?
    • While all Keen Rewards points you earn can be redeemed for Keen credit (and other exciting rewards), only points you earn by having paid calls and chats with advisors count toward your tier status.
  • Can I earn multiple kinds of activity points in one conversation?
    • No, you can only earn points for one activity (e.g. “Get first chat reading”) per conversation; however, you will still always earn points for dollars spent for every conversation, in addition to any activity points earned.
  • How soon after I make a purchase are my associated points available?
    • Once you have a paid conversation with an advisor, your points will show as "pending" on your My Keen Rewards history. 30 days after the conversation date, the points' status will update to "approved" and they will become redeemable for rewards. All pending points still count towards your progress of leveling up to the next tier.
    • As a bonus for moving up to a new tier, all pending points you have at that time will become available to redeem! Any paid conversations you have after you move up a tier will be “pending” and become available to redeem 30 days from the conversation date.
  • I just had a reading—why can't I see this information in my Keen Rewards history?
    • Please keep in mind that your Keen Rewards History tab can take around 15 minutes after a reading to update.
  • Do my points expire?
    • Points will only expire if you do not earn any Keen Rewards points for 6 full months. To remain "active" just keep engaging with our incredible advisors!
  • Do I earn points when I use offers/free minutes?
    • You only earn points for your own deposited funds you spend, not for free offer credit used or Free Minutes from advisors.
  • Can I combine Keen Rewards points between different Keen accounts?
    • No, Keen Rewards points can only apply to the Keen account where they were earned.
  • How do I review my rewards history?
    • See the History tab on your Keen Rewards dashboard to view points earned and redeemed. View your history here.
  • Who do I contact if I have a question?
    • You can get in touch with our team using the Customer Support form. Or, if you prefer, please give us a call at 877-Keen-Help (877-533-6435). Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific and Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Pacific.

*Discounted or promotional sessions are not eligible to earn rewards points.