Unable to Take Chats (on the Keen Advisor App)

When a customer initiates a chat with an advisor, the advisor has up to 60 seconds to answer this chat using their Advisor App. The Advisor App is regularly updated with new features and improvements, but there may be times when the app does not work as expected due to signal or device issues.

If you're having trouble answering chats, here are some steps you can take:


All devices:

  • Turn push notifications ON for the Keen Advisor App. 
  • Use a strong connection through either Wi-Fi or cellular data during and in between chat sessions.
  • Restart your phone or tablet regularly.
  • Keep the Keen Advisor App updated to the newest version in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and check regularly for updates. You can also ensure this by deleting and reinstalling the app. 
  • Free up storage space or close background apps - low storage space can prevent temporary functions like notifications from running.

The following steps may differ slightly depending on your device type:


  • Turn on Automatic Time Sync - a mismatch between your device’s time and the actual time can result in the timer failing to count correctly.
    • Settings App > Date & Time > Automatic > set to On
  • Enable notifications for the Keen Advisor App
    • Settings App > Notifications > App settings > Keen Advisor > set to On.
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb mode, Bedtime mode, or Airplane mode
    • Settings app > Sound & Vibration > Do Not Disturb > Set to Off
    • Settings app > Network & Internet > Airplane Mode > Set to Off

iOS Phone/Tablet:

  • Enable sound, alerts, and badges for the Keen Advisor App
    • Settings app > Notifications > Advisor > turn on all alerts, sounds, and badges
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb mode, Focus mode, or Airplane mode
    • Settings app > Airplane Mode > Toggle Off
    • Settings app > Focus > if there is “On” next to Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Work, or Personal, tap on that option and select Delete Focus

Still need help?

If you have already checked the steps above and still have any issues connecting to multiple chats, please contact Customer Service and have the following information ready:

  • Usernames, times, and dates of the chats affected
  • The device used to access to take chats (iOS or Android App)
  • Your app version number (Found on the Profile page)
  • Your internet/phone data provider
  • Any error message text
  • Any screenshots you may have captured
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