Taking Calls/Chats

Utilize Keen's Advisor App to seamlessly take calls and chats on-the-go using your mobile device. You'll receive timely phone alerts allowing you to stay connected to your customers no matter where you are. Available on both iOS and Android. Here's what to expect:

  • Freedom, flexibility, and mobility to work on-the-go
  • Chat successfully without being tied to a computer/laptop
  • Improve call and chat success through mobile notifications

Taking Calls 

You'll receive an incoming call notification along with the customer's information that you typically see on Keen.com's Call/Chat Monitor. Then, you'll receive a phone call on your selected primary phone number. This is similar to your Keen.com experience.

You'll be notified when you receive an incoming call via push notifications and sound alerts regardless of whether you're actively in the app or not.


Taking Chats

We recommend utilizing the Advisor App when taking chats on your mobile device. Using your mobile browser can accidentally set you to Offline. Chat as if you were on Keen.com by downloading the app today.

The following key features are conveniently located in tabs as you chat. You'll be notified when your customers respond to your chat even while navigating other tabs. You may navigate outside of the app for up to 60 seconds before the chat expires.

Chat Transcript - View your previous chat history and text your chat message with your customers. You can also use Voice to Text using the microphone built into your keyboard

Customer Information - View your customer's information.

Notes & Notes History - View notes that you've previously input on Keen.com, add additional notes during or after a conversation 

Arranged Conversations - View any arranged conversations you have with your customers





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