Unable to Hear Chat Alerts (on the Keen website)

When a customer initiates a chat with an advisor, the advisor has up to 60 seconds to answer this chat using their monitor.  

If you are being notified of a missed chat that did not ring or if you’re having trouble answering chats, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Keep Keen only in one window. Multiple Keen tabs or windows can cause the monitor to refresh.

  2. Within your monitor, select “Test Sound” under the My Availability of your My Keen page or from your monitor.
    • You should hear a ring from your computer speakers simulating an incoming chat request. If you don’t hear the sound, please try these steps below.
    • Please ensure that you are able to hear other sounds from your computer and if you are using headphones or bluetooth audio, the volume is turned up and you hear other computer sounds through your speakers. Last, we recommend that you test your sound through other popular sites like YouTube on the same browser to ensure you’re hearing sound through your speakers over all.
    • If you don’t hear sound through your browser, please double check that you have enabled “Notifications” and “Sounds” within your browser settings. 

How to enable sound notifications on your computer

Windows Computers and Tablets

  1. In the monitor window, select the Lock icon, (at the top of your monitor, next to the URL keen.com/app/monitor)
  2. Within the drop down menu, select “Site Settings”Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.37.32_AM.png
  3. On Site Settings page, change the permissions for “Microphone” to “Allow” (this is required only if you use voice-to-text) and change the permissions for “Sound” to “Allow”Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.35.03_AM.png
  4. Return to your monitor and select the “Reload” button to apply new settings.Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.39.40_AM.png
  5. To confirm this is now working, select the Lock icon, (at the top of your monitor, next to the URL keen.com/app/monitor) and confirm that the permissions for microphone, notifications and sound are now showing up. Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.40.12_AM.png

Mac Computers and Ipads

  1. Open the browser Safari and visit www.keen.com 
  2. From the toolbar at the top, please select “Safari” and choose “Preferences” from the dropdown Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.42.11_AM.png
  3. From the Preferences menu, please select ”Websites” 
  4. On the left hand panel, select “Auto-Play”
  5. Next to the Keen.com option, select “Allow All Auto-Play” from the dropdownScreen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.43.15_AM.png
  6. On the left hand panel, select Notification
  7. Next to the Keen.com option, select “Allow” Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_8.44.14_AM.png
  8. To enable your microphone (to use our Voice to Text feature): on the left hand panel, select “Microphone” 
    • Next to the Keen.com option, select “Allow” 


Your Settings should save automatically and going forward, you should be able to hear chat notification sounds for future chats.



Still need help?

If you have already checked the steps above and still have any issues connecting to multiple chats, please contact Customer Service and have the following information ready:

  • Usernames, times, and dates of the chats that experienced issues
  • The device used to access to take chats (Type of Computer or Laptop/iOS or Android App)
  • Your internet/phone data provider
  • Any error message text that may appear
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