Unable to Take Calls

About Taking Calls

When a customer initiates a call with an advisor, we call both parties with 1-800-ASK-KEEN (275-5336). To connect to a customer, both the advisor and customer must select option 1 for the call to begin. If the first call isn't answered, we try calling again two more times from different 800 numbers in an attempt to get you connected. 


Possible Issues

My Calls Are Going to Voicemail/Not Ringing 

Devices may have Silence Unknown Callers or Call Spam Filters on by default. When this setting is activated, calls from 800 numbers do not ring and go to voicemail automatically resulting in a missed call. This is a common setting most cellphones have. Please see the steps below to check if this is toggled on for your device. 

iOS devices (such as iPhones)

  • Turn off Silence Unknown Callers
    • Settings app > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers > Toggle off
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb mode, Focus mode, or Airplane mode
    • Settings app > Airplane Mode > Toggle Off
    • Settings app > Focus > if there is “On” next to Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Work, or Personal, tap on that option and select Delete Focus

Android devices (Steps may appear different depending on your device)

  • Turn off Call Blocking
    • Phone app > tap the 3 dots icon > Settings > Call Blocking > Toggle Block Anonymous Calls to Off
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb mode, Bedtime mode, or Airplane mode
    • Settings app > Sound & Vibration > Do Not Disturb > Set to Off
    • Settings app > Network & Internet > Airplane Mode > Set to Off

My Phone Is Ringing But Nothing Happens When I Press "1"

A common issue that advisors and users have is they are receiving the Keen calls from the 800 numbers but are unable to connect by pressing “1”. While “1” may be being pressed, our system may have some issues with recognizing it. This also results in missed calls as we require advisors to press “1” to connect to users. Here are some suggestions to help alleviate this. 

  • If you're taking calls via a mobile phone, turn off Bluetooth and WIFI Calling.
  • Add 800-ASK-KEEN (800-275-5336) to your device’s contacts list, which will ensure that all calls from Keen ring on your phone.
  • Please make sure that your phone isn't automatically blocking or filtering calls from 1-800 numbers as listed above.
  • You may want to reset your cellphone by turning your phone off and on again,  or unplugging and plugging back in your landline to refresh your connection.

Can I test my phone to ensure everything is working?

Yes, on the My Keen page, you have the option to send yourself a “Test Call” to confirm that your device is able to properly accept calls and you won’t miss any live calls with your customers. 

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