Errors with my Availability

Some advisors have reported seeing their availability change without making any changes themselves. The most common reason for this occurrence is due to an advisor missing customer calls or chats.  If an advisor misses one call or chat, we will automatically change their availability to offline although you can always manually change your status back. If you are seeing changes to your availability outside of this circumstance, please see the steps below to prevent unwanted changes to your availability. 


Steps on a desktop computer or laptop:


  • Make sure you’re only signed into Keen on one device and browser. Being signed into two devices at a time (like being on the advisor app and on a computer) may cause the chat/call monitor to refresh frequently.
  • Keep the call/chat monitor window open. Minimizing or closing the monitor window can cause a lost connection. It is okay for the monitor to be hidden behind the main browser window by clicking on the browser window open to Keen.
  • Changing tabs outside the Keen dashboard can also affect availability changes depending on your browser settings. Check your settings in your browser to ensure your Keen page isn’t going dormant after a period of time.
  • Keep Keen open in one window only. Multiple Keen tabs or windows can cause the monitor to refresh.
  • Using Keen on a mobile browser, like your phone or tablet may not keep the call/chat monitor consistently active and not send notifications regularly.If you want to use Keen on your phone, we recommend downloading the Keen Advisor app either in the Apple App or Google Play store. 

Steps on the Keen Advisor App:

  • Make sure you're only signed in on one device and browser. Being signed in on two different devices (like being on the advisor app and being logged on to your computer), may cause the call/chat monitor to refresh frequently.
  • Check the Settings on your device to confirm that apps aren't closing or being dormant after a period of time. This can also cause your call/chat monitor to refresh by itself.
  • If you're using the app, you might want to disconnect from WiFi and use cellular data, as losing internet connection might be marking you offline.
  • The Keen Advisor App is built to be most compatible with mobile phones. Although it works well on iPads, you may experience unwanted availability changes on other tablets.
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