How Keen brings new customers to you

At Keen, our goal is to continuously promote a robust marketplace that provides advisors with a steady revenue stream and facilitates the creation of long-term business relationships between customers and advisors. One of the primary ways we do that is through our Marketing efforts, and one of the key success factors for any healthy business is new customers. In this article, we’ll share more about Keen’s efforts to get new customers to visit the platform. 

Organic Search (SEO)

Some customers find us organically by using search engines like Google to search for terms that are relevant for Keen like “online psychic readings.” Marketing is always working with Product and Engineering to optimize our website so Keen displays at the top (or the closest to the top) of search results so customers don’t need to search long to find us. Google frequently changes the algorithms for organic search rankings, so SEO is an ongoing process to ensure Google likes our website, content, and code and ranks us at the top of the page. Some examples of SEO efforts are: improving Keen loading page speed and removing duplicate content. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, or Paid Search, is a form of paid advertising where Keen places bids so our Ads can be displayed at the top of a search results page when a customer types in a word or phrase in a search engine that may be relevant to Keen. We partner with one of the leading Paid Search Agencies to manage and optimize a keyword bidding strategy based on real audience and competitor insights. 


Partner Marketing

Another form of Paid Advertising is Partner Marketing. Keen’s partner marketing team works with hundreds of websites, brands, media publishers, email advertisers, content creators and influencers to promote Keen, in the hopes of driving more new customers to Keen. Some of our partners include:, Top10, and YourTango.


TV advertising

In addition to driving new customers, we’re also striving to build brand awareness and trust with both new and repeat customers. The primary way companies do that is through TV Advertising. you can find our commercials on common cable networks such as BRAVO, OWN, HGTV and more! 


Paid social advertising

More and more audiences are shopping on Social Media, and that means more brands are advertising on social media too! We run various paid marketing campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Facebook is our top performing paid social campaign. 


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