Adult Content Policy

Updated 4/1/2024

1. Introduction

Keen's Adult Content Policy was created as part of Keen’s commitment toward providing a safe and inclusive environment for all Users. All Users agree to follow the User Agreement and its subsections upon joining Keen, which includes the Adult Content Policy. This policy sets guidelines related to the usage and dissemination of Adult Content on Keen.

Keen accepts and encourages healthy, productive and respectful conversations between Users with respect to sexual wellness and other related topics. Each User has the ability to determine for themselves what they are comfortable discussing within these bounds. Although healthy and productive conversations related to sexual wellness are acceptable on Keen, Adult Content is generally not permitted.

2. Definition of Adult Content

For the purposes of this policy, Adult Content refers to any explicit, sexually suggestive or pornographic conversation or material that is intended to sexually arouse or promote the achievement of sexual gratification. This includes, but is not limited to, explicit images, videos, text, phone conversations or any other content that is sexually explicit in nature.

3. Prohibited Adult Content

The following types of Adult Content are strictly prohibited on Keen:

a. Explicit sexual content: Content that depicts or describes explicit sexual acts, sexual situations, nudity or pornography, with the intention of creating or promoting sexual arousal and/or sexual gratification.
b. Sexual solicitation: Content that involves or promotes sexual services, prostitution, or any form of sexual solicitation.
c. Obscene or offensive material: Overtly obscene or offensive material that is intended to provoke or offend others or that is intended to create sexual arousal and/or sexual gratification.
d. Content involving minors: It is never appropriate to share sexual content, which includes conversations between Users, that involves minors. Keen defines a minor as any person who is under the age of 18 years.

4. User Conduct and Responsibilities

a. Users must not upload, post, share or otherwise exchange communications related to Adult Content on Keen. This includes any sexually explicit or sexually suggestive material.

b. Users must not engage in sexual solicitation or use the platform for any illicit or sexually explicit activities.
c. Users are responsible for ensuring that their interactions and communications on the website are respectful and appropriate.

5. Reporting and Enforcement

Users are encouraged to report any violations of the Adult Content Policy to Keen’s policy team. Keen’s policy team will review reported situations and take appropriate action.

6. Discretionary Content

Certain discussions or topics related to Adult Content are permitted in specific contexts, such as educational or informative content. It is understood and accepted that Users on Keen will seek advice on sexual topics from other Users, which necessitates the discussion of those sexual topics and/or ideas. However, these discussions must be conducted respectfully and with the intention of seeking or providing advice. Keen reserves the ability, in its sole discretion, to determine whether specific content has crossed an intended boundary, such as those set through this Adult Content Policy. It is the responsibility of each User to be aware of and to follow local laws and regulations within their specific jurisdiction.

7. Modifications to Adult Content Policy

We reserve the ability to update or modify this Adult Content Policy as needed; continued use of the website after such changes will indicate acceptance of the revised policy.

Please note that this policy is intended to provide general guidelines relative to the Keen platform itself and does not constitute legal advice. As noted, Users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations concerning Adult Content within their respective jurisdictions.

Updated 4/1/2024

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