Frequently Asked Questions from Advisors

Where can I find my PIN?

You can find your PIN on the Personal Information page. 

Why did my call monitor alert me but my phone never rang?

A customer may have initiated a conversation online, but not connected when the call rang on their telephone. Or, the customer may have had trouble adding funds to their account after reserving you.

How do I reset my busy status?

You can set your busy status via the Availability Manager. Choose the "Change Status" tab and click on the "Verify Busy Status" button. If stuck, you can click on the link to clear the stagnant conversation.

How do I get feedback removed?

For a list of eligible reasons for which feedback or a rating could be removed, please review the Keen Feedback Policy. If you believe certain feedback meets this criterion, you can submit your request to have the feedback removed by the Play Fair team by using our Customer Support form. 

How is my Listing Quality Score calculated?

Each listing's Listing Quality (LQS) is based on an advisor's Retention Rate. More detailed information can be found in the Help section under the Featured Listings page.

Why is it more expensive to bid for a top position?

When you bid to feature your listing, it is ranked against other available listings using your LQS and Max Bid compared to those of other bidders. More detailed information can be found on the Featured Listings page.

How can I track my paycheck or direct deposit?

You can see when a payout was debited from your Keen account on the Transaction Details page. Specific timeframes for when to expect each type of payout can be found on the Advisor Payment help page.

Why wasn't I paid for my last conversation?

Sometimes conversations don't post right away when funds don't transfer directly from a consumer's account. If you have questions about a specific conversation, please contact our Customer Support team or call the support line at 1-877-Keen-Help (1-877-533-6435).

When will tax documents be available?

1099-Ks will be available to eligible advisors on or before January 31st of each year. You can find more information on our 1099-K Federal Tax Reporting page.

How can I access my tax documents?

1099-Ks are available for download from within your Keen account. First, go to your account page and find the Payment Info section. From the Payment Information section, select Tax Documents. If you require a paper copy, please email a request to You can find more information on our 1099-K Federal Tax Reporting page.

I applied to become an advisor, when will I be approved?

Due to overwhelming demand, applications may take several months to be reviewed. We will send you updates regarding your application via email. Customer Support cannot expedite this process.

I can't log in, I forgot my password!

To reset your Keen password, simply visit the Forgot Password page and send yourself a password reset link. 

How do I deal with suicidal customers?

People often come to Keen to speak to advisors about life's struggles. From time to time, you might encounter someone who mentions they feel suicidal. We understand that conversations like these are never easy, and it can be difficult to know the best way to handle a situation like this. We always recommend you provide the caller with the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

How do I cancel my account?

Keen does not charge a membership fee so if you do not wish to be charged, you simply do not need to use your account. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team by visiting our Customer Support form.

How do I reopen my account?

To reopen your Keen account, please contact our Customer Service team by visiting our Customer Support form.


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