Benefits of Keen

Keen is a trusted platform dedicated to empowering lives by helping people discover answers to their most pressing questions, gain closure, find their purpose in life, and more. Keen provides the technology, marketing, and customer service so professional advisors can focus on providing their gift to the world. Through a robust set of tools and features, Keen makes it easy to manage your online business and provide advice to customers. 

Why give advice on Keen?

  • Be Found in the Keen Marketplace – Through Keen's SEO, listing services on Keen gives you a presence online for customers to find you via search engines like Google and Yahoo that crawl and index your Keen listing.
  • Build an Online Reputation with Star Ratings and Feedback – Customers often rely on star ratings and written feedback from other customers when making decisions to purchase a product or service online. Keen's psychic community is no different. Your feedback will give customers unique insight into your level of experience and the level of satisfaction of your customers, which may be the most important information you can provide to gain your next customer.
  • Feature your Listings – Like any business, your ability to get and keep customers will affect your success and how much business you generate using Keen. Being listed on Keen allows you to promote your listing in top spots in your listing category through the Featured Listings program to increase the likelihood of reaching highly qualified potential customers who need your services.
  • Send Offers to Build Customer Relationships – Keen's messaging system allows you to send professional looking offers that customers can easily redeem for free minutes to speak with you again. Building rapport through offers is a great way to establish customer loyalty.
  • Worry-free Customer Service – Keen provides both phone and e-mail support for customers to make sure they are satisfied. We want every customer's experience to be great, so we offer Satisfaction Guarantees when a conversation does not meet expectations.  
  • Dedicated Advisor Team – As part of our broader Customer Service organization, Keen has a dedicated Advisor team to help onboard and coach advisors every step of the way as they grow their business. 
  • Engage with likeminded Advisors – Keen's Advisor Community provides a growing network of other gifted psychics to speak with and learn from. You'll gain access to our Forums to engage with other advisors on Keen directly.
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