Free Minutes

How do I receive free minutes?

Advisors can send you free minutes after you have had a reading with them, if they choose to do so.

How do free minutes work?

If an Advisor has sent you free minutes, they are automatically applied to your next reading with them!

Can I combine my free minutes?

Free Minutes cannot be combined in one reading, even if they are from the same Advisor.

I clicked on 5 free minutes and it only gave me 1 minute, why is that?

Free Minutes are redeemed in the order they are received. If an Advisor has sent you multiple sets of free minutes, the oldest set will be used first.

When do my free minutes expire?

Free minutes expire 14 days after being sent.

Where can I see my free minutes?

A list of all available free minute offers can be found by visiting Free Minutes from your My Keen page.

What should I do if I wasn't satisfied with my reading when I used my free minutes?

If you weren't satisfied with a reading that used free minutes, feel free to reach out to your Advisor using our free Mail feature. Since these free minutes come directly from your Advisor, only your Advisor can reinstate them.

Can I use my free minutes with a different Advisor?

Free Minutes can only be used with the Advisor who sent them.

How do I prevent an Advisor from sending me free minutes?

You can prevent an Advisor from sending you free minutes by blocking them. Taking this action will prevent you from receiving any mail from them, and you will no longer be able to place calls or chats with them.

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