Top qualities customers care about

As part of our feedback system, customers who rate you highly can select your top strengths when giving readings. These top qualities are important for you to be familiar with so you can make sure to focus on these skills when speaking with your customers. 

To understand the qualities customers care about, we reviewed over 2000 individual pieces of written feedback to identify the top qualities customers call out when rating conversations with advisors. From there, we surveyed our customer base to determine what each of these top qualities means to them so we could accurately name and define each strength in a way that makes sense to our users.

View our Endorsed Strengths article to learn more details of how customers can leave this type of feedback on your listing. Read below for tips on how to conduct your readings for more satisfied customers based on the highest rated advisor qualities.


Tell the truth

Customers want advisors to tell them the truth about their situation. When ranking qualities for strengths - honest was at the top for customers when describing their favorite advisors. It's important to note that while being honest is crucial, customers are vulnerable and may be feeling sensitive when speaking with you. This is why clearly indicating on your listing your style for delivering advice is necessary. You should let customers know if you approach your readings with a no sugarcoating, direct method or if you will provide answers more gently. By correctly gauging a customer's mood, and being clear about your style of delivering advice, you can avoid potentially negative feedback from customers. It isn't always what you say, but how you say it that makes the biggest impact.


Communicate the details 

Being spot on and accurate with your advice will wow your customers. While we never guarantee accuracy of predictions on Keen, being knowledgeable about specific personal details related to a customer's current situation will make them feel more comfortable and likely to trust your advice. 

By communicating details back to the customer that have not yet been shared with you, you will develop a deeper connection and likely get the chance to speak with them again. For example, if a customer asks about their relationship with their person of interest and you are able to pick up on how they have navigated the relationship so far, pointing out these facts will make the customer confident with what you say next. 


Deliver messages with loving kindness

Customers are more satisfied with readings when their advisor is kind and empathetic when answering their questions. While this is obvious, we'll give a friendly reminder that customers are coming to you with touchy subjects and may be in an emotional state. It's because of the nature of these situations that you want to practice how to communicate advice in a thoughtful way. Even if you are tasked to read on a situation that does not have an outcome the customer wants, it's always best to use phrasing that reassures them that you understand it may be hard to hear the answer but that you're there to help them on their path. 


Be a helpful voice

At the end of the day, most customers are really looking for someone that can help them through difficult decisions and times when they are emotionally stuck. Being a helpful voice as they navigate all of life's curveballs is something your established customers will return to you for. Being helpful can mean offering ideas on what the customer should focus on to move through their situation or simply to be a sounding board for their feelings. Each customer is unique so as you build a relationship with a new customer to you, find out how you can be of service to them as they seek advice throughout their journey. 


Checklist Summary

check-mark-2025986_1280.png Give honest advice, even if the outcome isn't what the customer desires
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Share any details that come to you as it relates to a customer's situation
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Practice different phrases to deliver hard news in a kind way
check-mark-2025986_1280.png Discover the ways your gift can be helpful to customers beyond the first reading




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