Advisor Contest 9/13-9/26

Customers who speak with you more than once in a short period of time are not only proven to spend more money with you over time, but are also more likely to promote your business to their friends and family. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool to organically grow your business so make sure to wow your customers and encourage them to speak with you again.

In partnership to support your business on Keen, we’re running a contest to see how many customers you can have repeat conversations within two weeks. Between September 13 through September 26, the advisors who have repeat conversations with the most customers during the contest will win prizes! 

We've put together tips on how to get customers to speak with you again quickly. View the contest rules or browse the sections for helpful tips below. 


Contest Rules

In partnership to support your business on Keen, we’re running a contest! Between September 13 through September 26, the advisors who have repeat conversations with the most customers during the contest will win prizes.

See below for full contest terms and conditions:

  • Contest begins 9/13 at 12:00:01am PST and ends 9/26 at 11:59:59pm PST.
  • Call or Chat with as many customers more than once (on two different dates) from 9/13-9/26. This includes both your returning and new customers. We are tracking the number of customers you have 2 or more conversations with to your total number of returning customers. For example, if you speak to a customer for the first time during the contest on 9/22, then you will need to speak with them again on a different day before the end of 9/26 when the contest is over. 
  • The second conversation MUST happen on a different day than the first conversation in order to count to your total number of returning customers. 
  • The top 2 advisors with the most overall customers having repeat conversations during the contest will win an iPad
  • The advisor with the most new customers having repeat conversations during the contest will be featured in a Marketing email to existing customers with a link to their listing.
  • The top 50 advisors who have the most customers with repeat conversations will receive a bonus to their Keen account. Bonus amount determined by the number of eligible winners. 
  • You MUST speak with a minimum of 5 customers with repeat conversations in order to be eligible for prizes. 
  • Customer Support representatives cannot advise you on your ranking compared to other advisors during the contest or on your total number of customers with repeat conversations.
  • Each unique customer account may only be counted once (i.e. multiple contacts from the same member will qualify as one; additionally one customer contacting from multiple accounts will qualify as one).
  • The advisors with the most customers having repeat conversations will win prizes. Winners will be notified by email the week of 9/27.


Follow up after sessions

For returning customers within 7 days, customers are 4x more likely to return to speak with you on day 2 than days 3-7. Following up with customers you spoke with at the end of each day is a great way to invite customers back to speak with you soon. Here’s how:
  • Send a personal message
    • Customers are more receptive to speaking with an advisor again when they feel a connection. One way to showcase that you care is by sending a personalized Mail after a conversation. You'll want to send your follow-up within the first 24 hours of a conversation, but we recommend sending out a batch of personal messages at the end of the day while readings are still fresh in your mind. By adding in a note that was specific to their reading, you're more likely to catch a customer's attention and hear from them again.
  • Schedule an appointment
    • As part of your Mail outreach, invite customers to speak with you again the next day to follow up on how things went by scheduling an appointment for dedicated time with you. If you don't want to schedule an appointment, make sure to have your daily schedule noted on your listing so customers know when they can speak with you again.
  • Offer free minutes to your favorites
    • Did you have a customer that spent several minutes with you? How about a customer who ran out of time before your full answer? Try sending free minutes to customers you liked or that you think could benefit from some extra time with you. Keep in mind that free minutes are more likely to be used if they are accompanied with a personal message relevant to that customer.


Give a great first reading 

New customers to Keen are looking for their preferred advisors early on. Customers come back to Keen for the bonds they have created with their preferred advisors so it’s important to give a great experience during the first conversation. You never know who could be your next regular!

Here are some tips for providing an amazing first reading with your new customers:

  • Introduce yourself and your style
    • Customers may be newer to psychic advice, or just unfamiliar with your unique style of reading, so it's important to let them know how you do things right away. Advisors who establish expectations at the beginning of a session, report higher satisfaction ratings from customers. For example, briefly explain the tools you use, the information you need, or your mechanism of connecting to a higher power that guides you. 
  • Make it interactive
    • Don't be afraid to show your personality and to get the customer involved in your reading. Ask clarifying questions, guide them through a meditation or other tool, crack a pun if that's your thing. Connecting is more than just the advice you give, but the way you involve your customer in the process so that they feel part of creating the experience with you. 
  • Show your support
    • Those seeking your guidance are likely at a crossroads in life or are dealing with deeply emotional topics. Simply letting a customer know that you are here for them provides a sense of relief that they are not alone. Customers are looking for an advisor they can bond with and feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their life with. Establishing trust is important for the beginning of any relationship. 
  • End on a good note
    • Use the one-minute-remaining warning to your advantage as customers may not always be able to add more funds or take additional time to continue the reading. This is your opportunity to complete your answer and invite the customer to reach back out and let you know how the situation goes or for you to help with future advice. It's always a good idea to make the conversation feel like it has a rounded ending versus leaving it with an abrupt stop. We know this may not always be possible so having a strategy to follow-up after a reading is always a good idea. 
  • Update your schedule
    • Post a schedule to notify your customers what hours you're online. Customers often contact Customer Support because they want to know when their favorite advisor will be back - take a few minutes to post a schedule here and ensure you set it to display on your listing. You can still log on outside of these times but your schedule is a great way to let your loyal customers know when they can see you online again.


Get set up for a successful chat

Taking chats is a great way to build and maintain your business on Keen. Customers report choosing chat for more privacy or as an easy way to speak with an advisor when they need clarity quickly. With over half of new customers choosing chat to connect with advisors on Keen, you'll want to feel confident with your chat reading skills to keep customers coming back.

Check out these tips for a great chat experience:

  • Be hospitable
    • It’s easy to forget to welcome a customer when using chat but hospitality is key. Start each chat by greeting your customer so that they feel welcome. Some advisors keep a pre-typed welcome message handy to use with new customers in order to save time with typing. You may want to include any information here that you need from a customer, such as their birthday or name of their person of interest, in order to give them the best reading using your gift.
    • At the end of a chat session, invite your customer back to speak with you again letting them know you are here for them. It's a small gesture that can be forgotten, but key to making a customer feel comfortable knowing that you care. Don't worry if you forget to add this at the end of a chat or if the customer ends the chat before you send the message - you can always follow up in a personalized Mail later. 
  • Split up your messages
    • It's easy to forget to reassure your customer on the line through text-based messaging, but you should always prioritize consistent communication. Once the customer asks their question, respond right away to let them know you are tapping in. If you are using a tool, let the customer know what you are doing. For example, as you prepare for a tarot reading let the customer know when you are shuffling the cards. 
    • It's always best to segment your responses versus sending over one long paragraph. You don't want to leave your customer waiting too long in between messages. Try sending a sentence or two at a time so your customer can start interpreting your reading. 
  • Use Voice-to-Text for faster messaging
    • You don't have to be the fastest at typing to offer chat. We offer a voice-to-text option to translate your speech into words on your screen. When using Keen on the web, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser when doing voice-to-text. When offering chat from your mobile device, voice-to-text works best from the Keen Advisor App. 
  • Take notes for next time
    • Use the notes section on the right side of the chat to add details from your current reading or to review details from the previous reading you had with this customer if they are returning to you. By taking notes you'll be able to follow up to send a personalized Mail inviting your customer back to speak with you. Returning customers will feel valued if you can pick up where you left off for future conversations so keep notes easy to read and understand. 


Build meaningful relationships

Customers are looking to build loyalty to advisors because they are sharing very personal details about themselves with someone and don't want to have to share this same information with lots of advisors at a time. A few ideas for building relationships:
  • Be curious and respectful. Get to know customers personally and build a relationship like you would with a friend.
  • Be mindful of blocking. Getting blocked is hurtful as a customer. If you have an off day or a reading doesn't go as planned, try and reach out to encourage the customer to try speaking with you when things settle down. Please note, blocking is always up to an advisor's comfortability and discretion. 
  • Be personal in your outreach when sending follow up Mail. Customers love when an advisor takes the time to proactively ask how things are going with a situation they previously asked about. While it may feel easiest to send a mass message to everyone, the personal touch can go a long way.




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