Endorsed Strengths

Customers who rate a conversation with you as 4 or more stars have the option to select your strengths as part of feedback. Regardless of star rating, feedback screens will always ask for written feedback from customers. Endorsed Strengths will appear in your listing next to the highlighted feedback section. 


Similar to star ratings and written feedback, customers are only allowed to leave feedback to a specific advisor once every 24 hours. Since strengths are refreshed on a rolling 12 month basis, this means that over time you will see the number of each strength next to your listing fluctuate each day based on when you received your reviews. Strengths do not affect your Listing Quality Score or your Featured Listing placement. Keep in mind, customers will only be prompted to select your strengths if they rate a call or chat with you 4 stars or higher. 


On the feedback screen, customers are able to select up to 5 strengths as they rate their conversation with you. Each option below has been carefully selected to represent the top qualities customers want from an advisor reading on Keen. 



Honest = Advisor was being truthful and sincere with their advice.

Accurate = Advisor knew personal details that the customer did not share with them and/or correctly predicted how their situation would happen in the future.

Kind = Advisor was being nice and polite, even if giving advice that the customer might not want to hear.

Helpful = Advisor was actively listening and attentive by answering specific questions the customer is seeking clarity on.

Detailed = Advisor provided an in-depth reading with thorough and specific feedback. 


Visit My Feedback to view strengths and star ratings left by each of your customers that have reviewed you. Similar to all feedback, endorsed strengths expire after one year, and update daily. So if you receive many strengths one year ago today, they will no longer count towards your strengths tomorrow as they will have expired.


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