Unable to Take Chats

About Taking Chats

When a customer initiates a chat with an advisor, the advisor has up to 60 seconds to answer this chat using their monitor. To receive chat requests, the call/chat monitor must always be open, so it stays active. It can be hidden behind other windows, but it cannot be minimized. This is how advisors are alerted they have an incoming request.


Iā€™m having trouble answering chats

  • We recommend you access Keen through the Google Chrome browser on a desktop computer or through the official Keen Advisor Apps for optimal performance. 

  • Using a phone or tablet browser app to manage your availability is discouraged ā€“ the monitor can be turned inactive or may not be able to ring/alert for an incoming conversation due to phone settings, having the monitor in an inactive tab, or locking the screen. If you wish to use a phone to take customers, please use the official Keen Advisor Apps in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Ensure you are using a strong connection through either Wi-Fi or cellular data to connect and stay connected to the chat. Any interruptions or weak connections from either the advisor or customer end may cause issues connecting or end the chat prematurely. 
    • App users are recommended to disconnect from Wi-Fi and try using cellular data if you have any issues accepting chat requests.
    • App users, we recommend you check your notification settings to ensure you have enabled all sounds from the app to alert you to incoming chats. 

Still need help?

If you have already checked the steps above and still have any issues connecting to multiple chats, please contact Customer Service and have the following information ready:

  • Usernames, times, and dates of the chats that experienced issues
  • The device used to access to take chats (Type of Computer or Laptop/iOS or Android App)
  • Your internet/phone data provider
  • Any error message text that may appear
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