Listing Management

Pricing Your Services

How do you set your listing price per minute?

With Keen, you set your rate on listings for phone calls or chat. You decide what your services are worth, whether your time is valued at $3.99 per minute or $13.99 per minute. Set a fee based on what you feel is fair and what you think customers will be willing to pay for your services. The price per minute is the same for both phone and chat (if the latter is enabled).

What is the "Chat" option?

Keen Chat is an instant messaging interface similar to other live communication applications used online, allowing real-time conversations between two Keen users. Once a chat is initiated, either user can enter text which will appear on the other user's monitor. While Chat is an optional feature, it's another effective tool to provide your services. Learn more about chat.

What is the "Pay a Bonus" feature?

A bonus is an optional, added payment option allowing customers to pay you a bonus via phone or website after your conversation. The setting is disabled by default, but you can easily enable it for any of your listings by following the instructions here.

Can I sell content through email too?

You have the ability to earn money through Pay To View Mail by offering paid email readings.


Listing Management

Should I upload a photo?

Absolutely! Not only do photos enhance listings by adding a personal touch, but our research also shows that customers are much more likely to contact Advisors when listings show real images. Plus, listings without a photo cannot appear in Featured Listings. Please note: Photos must be in JPG, GIF or BMP format, no larger than 400KB, and square (e.g. 175 pixels x 175 pixels), so that they'll display properly throughout the site. We strongly recommend that you use a headshot, which is generally easier to view. If you choose not to upload a photo, Keen will display a "no photo" icon in its place.

What is my Listing Title?

A Listing Title briefly describes the services you're offering in your listing. When choosing your title, be creative and professional. Refrain from using ALL CAPS and use standard punctuation and capitalization. Use keywords to communicate what you're selling and engage and entice your audience. Note: No single word in your listing title may be more than 15 characters long.

What is a Sales Pitch?

Your sales pitch is your chance to highlight your qualifications and abilities to potential customers. It appears in the Keen Directory listing results and gives you the chance to distinctively showcase your services. Your Sales Pitch should describe your service in one or two sentences (up to 250 characters, no HTML).

What is "My Specialties"?

This section of your profile displays some areas you specialize in when providing psychic readings on Keen. By selecting some of your specialties, you can highlight even more specific areas of your work that may not be advertised in your profile.You can select up to 5 specialties that range from Relationships to Aura Readings or anything in-between. These specialties will appear on your listing detail and provide customers the ability to perform targeted searches for advisors based on more specific needs.

What is "My Skills and Methods"?

You can add specific talents and special methods to your listing to provide more insight regarding your style of reading. Whether your skills and methods include Dream Interpretations or spirit guides, these will be prominently displayed for customers to gain insight into your psychic reading style. You can select up to 5 skills and methods to add to your profile.

What is "My Languages"?

Your listing details now include a list of languages you speak. Select from the list of languages to allow foreign speaking customers to easily find you.

What is "My Approach"?

My Approach is the section of your profile where you can tell customers even more about your psychic abilities and reading style. This will inform customers about what to expect from a psychic reading with you and allow them to get a glimpse into your world.

What is "My Background"?

The My Background section of your listing should include a brief summary about your history with psychic readings. Use this section to talk to prospective customers and try to reach out and engage them. Explain a little bit about who you are, but focus more on what you do for customers who call you.Try to be clear, concise and creative. Also, be honest and professional. Your listing should use a strong call to action. Remember, this is your chance to sell yourself and your listing.You'll also want to use relevant keywords that further specify what services you offer and help users decide if you're the right psychic advisor to contact. They also increase your chances of showing up on the results page for searches within your category. Use keywords that you feel will describe what you do accurately and entice customers to select you as their psychic advisor.

Can I create listings in different categories and topics?

Yes. You can create 1 Live Advice listing per topic. For example, you can create 1 Live Advice listing in the Psychics Advice > Love & Relationships topic and 1 Live Advice listing in the Psychics Advice > Tarot Readers topic, and so on. Each listing can have different settings; have unique extensions, and unique Call and Buy Now Buttons. Please be sure that each of your listings is relevant to the topic you have chosen.

How do you create/edit/delete a listing?

New advisors: If you're new to Keen and have never created a listing, please review this quick advisor tutorial to get acquainted with Keen. Then, you're ready, just click the orange "get started now" button. Existing advisors: If you've already created psychic advice listing on Keen and want to create another one or edit or delete an existing listing, click on the My Account tab from anywhere on Keen, then click on View Details from the My Listings area. Or go you can directly to your My Listings page to create / edit / delete any listing.

Listing Acceptance Status

What are the various states my listing can appear?

You will be notified by email if your listing is accepted. If your listing is rejected, you will also be notified by email with information on steps you must take for acceptance. You'll find a summary of the different listing statuses and what they mean below:


When you see your listing in this state, congratulations are in order! It has been accepted to the Keen Marketplace.


If your listing is in this state, it means it is awaiting review by the Play Fair team. To ensure high quality listings are displayed in the Keen Marketplace, each new listing is reviewed before acceptance.

Needs Editing

If your listing is in this state, it means your listing was not accepted and requires some edits before Keen can approve it. Typically, you'll find listings need editing for some of the following reasons:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Inappropriate topic selection.
  • Inappropriate listing content.

When you see it in this state, just make the appropriate changes by editing your listing, and Play Fair will review your listing again.

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