Becoming An Advisor

How do I apply to become an advisor?

To apply to become a Keen advisor, simply visit Give Advice and begin your application.


I started my application but didn't finish, how do I continue?

You can return to your application at any time. You can get there by:

  • Go to the Give Advice page by navigating there directly or by visiting your My Keen page and clicking the link in the "My Availability" section.
  • From the Give Advice page, click the Get Started button. You will be able to restart your application where you left off.

I've changed my mind, I no longer want to be an advisor. How do I cancel my application?

No problem! Just send an email to the Play Fair department using the Customer Support form and we will cancel your application.

I live in a country outside of the US and Canada, can I become an advisor?

For a list of approved countries that can create an account on Keen, please visit the International Platform Fees page.



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