Payment Mail Buttons

Payment Mail Buttons let you create offerings that you can customize and that will be available to your customers 24/7 at a price that you set in advance. They're simple to create and you can place them anywhere on the Internet, on your personal website or in email.

You create a button for each type of offer and then market it. You never have to deal with individual transactions. When customers click on your "Buy Now" Mail Button, they'll automatically receive your Payment Request or Pay-to-View Mail (depending on the button type) and can respond immediately with payment and without you taking any action. Payment and fulfillment are handled automatically too.

Types of Buttons

There are two types of buttons you can use to market to new customers or existing customers that would be interested in your various services. To decide which button you should use, think about your product offering and use these following suggestions:

Payment Request Button

Perfect for taking orders for pre-paid services.

  • If you're selling content that is customized for one individual, then Payment Request button is right for you.
  • If you're delivering a custom report, email reading, or story, where you need information from the customer in order to complete your product, make sure to use the text area above the button to specify your needs.

Pay-to-View Button

Perfect for selling your Pay-to-View content.

  • If the product you're selling is something that you'd like to make available as-is to an audience, then a Pay-to-View button is best to use.
  • The information you're selling can be viewed by anyone that would be interested in purchasing. An example of products are: stories, monthly newsletters, user's only areas, and photos.

Use your imagination, though, as these "Buy Now" Mail Buttons can be used for whatever you come up with. Create it, market it, and sell it. It's that easy.

Using Payment Mail Buttons

These buttons can be an effective tool for your business and enables you to easily sell services to new and existing customers. Here are some tips to effectively use this feature:

Pay-to-View Descriptions

When you create or send Pay-to-View Mails, we've included an extra text area for you to entice, describe and help sell the content of your mail to better convert those mails into sales.

Call Button in Mails

Your call button and availability status will be displayed when reading your mail so they can quickly and easily call you.

Sent Mail Folder

With a Sent Mail section, you will be able to view all of the Mails that you've recently sent, including paid and unpaid.

HTML Capabilities

We have added a rich text editor to allow you to easily customize your mail messages with HTML enhancements too.


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