Chat Button

Your Chat Button links directly to your listings on Keen and is an efficient way for customers to connect with you. Place your Chat Button on your website or blog, include it in emails you send, and post it to message boards and online chats.

  • Automatically displays whether you're Available or Not Available.
    • Available


    • Not Available


  • Lets your customer arrange future chats with you via Mail if you're Not Available.

To locate the HTML code for the "Chat Now" button

  1. From your My Account page, select the listing you'd like to create a button formceclip2.png
  2. Select "Get Buttons" from the menu: mceclip4.png
  3. Select "Get your Call button" or "Get your Chat button" to access the HTML of the button you're looking for
  4. Select and copy the HTML code from the window that appears.

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